State Police Headquarters Modified Services/Hours
  • Announcement for New Pistol Permit Applicants Only - 5/26/2021
  • Effective June 15, 2020, DESPP-HQ Fingerprint Identification Unit will re-open for in person fingerprinting requestsby appointment only. - 6/5/2020
  • Effective June 15, 2020, DESPP-HQ Reports and Records will re-open for in person requestsby appointment only. For information or to schedule your appointment please click HERE - 6/5/2020
  • At this time, pistol permit renewals will continue to be done by mail only.
  • Fingerprinting Limitations and License Expiration/Renewal extensions; view documentHERE- 4/30/2020
  • Suspension of requirements for unarmed security guards from other states; view documentHERE- 4/30/2020
  • Still regular business hours for Sex Offender Registry and Deadly Weapons Offender Registry- 4/30/2020
  • No service for guard cards (see Governor Lamont’s Executive Order changes to licensing requirements HERE )- 4/30/2020
  • Individuals will be asked to wait outside until called into the building- 4/30/2020

12/30/2011State Police Make Arrest in Crane Safety Violations
12/30/2011State Police Make Arrest in Bank Robbery
12/30/2011State Police Make Arrest in Ashford Armed Robbery
12/29/2011State Police Make Child Porn Arrest
12/29/2011State Police Make Arrest in Narcotics & Interfering Case
12/23/2011State Troopers Arrest Escaped Federal Prisoner
12/23/2011State Police Investigate Animal Cruelty in Ivoryton
12/21/2011State Police Plan "Operation SANTA"
12/21/2011State Police Make Arrest in Ellington Arson
12/21/2011State Police Investigate Death of Hunter in Colchester
12/19/2011Troopers Make Arrests in Norfolk Arson Cases
12/19/2011State Police Investigate Three-Car Serious Injury Accident
12/18/2011Department of Public Safety Storm Advice
12/8/2011State Police Troopers Promoted in Ceremony
11/30/2011Toy Drive Planned for this Weekend by State Police
11/30/2011State Police Arrest Former Oxford Tax Collector
11/28/2011State Police Traffic Statistics from Thanksgiving Week
11/25/2011State Police Thanksgiving Holiday Enforcement
11/25/2011State Police Make Arrest in Child's Death
11/21/2011State Police Issue Thanksgiving Traffic Advisory
11/17/2011State Troopers From Troops F, H and I Receive Awards
11/17/2011State Troopers From Troops C, D, E and K Receive Awards
11/17/2011State Troopers from Troops A, B, G & L Receive Awards
11/16/2011State Police Make Arrests in Pomfret Metal Thefts
11/16/2011State Police Detectives Investigate Kent Arson
11/4/2011State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force Makes Arrests, Seizes Pills, Money
11/4/2011State Police Seize Marijuana During Motor Vehicle Stop
11/4/2011State Police Investigate Dayville Bank Robbery
11/1/2011State Police Investigate Untimely Death in Sharon
11/1/2011State Police Investigate Untimely Death
10/28/2011State Police Make Home Invasion Arrest
10/26/2011State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force and Local Officers Conduct Narcotics Raids
10/24/2011** Update ** State Police and Coventry Police Make Arrest in Bomb Threats
10/21/2011State Police Make Arrest in Dayville Robbery
10/21/2011Connecticut State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force Makes Narcotics Arrests in New Haven
10/21/2011** UPDATE ** Search for Missing East Haddam Man Called Off
10/19/2011State Police Make Fraud Arrest
10/18/2011State Police Investigate Suspicious Incident
10/15/2011State Police Investigate Ledyard Home Invasion
10/15/2011State Police Detectives Make Arrest In Murder For Hire
10/14/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate New Britain Homicide
10/13/2011State Police Complete Shooting Investigation
10/12/2011State Troopers Seek Public's Help
10/11/2011Reward Offered For Larceny Information
10/5/2011State Troopers Make Narcotics Arrest
10/4/2011State Police Investigate Fatal Bicycle Accident
10/3/2011Layoff Notices Rescinded for 56 State Troopers
9/30/2011Pawnbrokers, Precious Metals and Stones Dealers New Licensing 10/1/2011
9/28/2011UPDATE: NOW OPEN Motor Vehicle Accident Closes Part of Route 8 North
9/27/2011State Troopers Seek Public's Help
9/26/2011State Police Investigate Sexual Assault
9/26/2011State Police & Coventry Police Investigate Bomb Threats - VIDEO included
9/25/2011State Trooper Injured During Traffic Stop
9/20/2011Haddam Silver Alert
9/16/2011State Police Attempt to Identify "John Doe" in Marlborough
9/16/2011State Police and ICE Make Narcotics Arrest
9/13/2011Missing Person From Brooklyn
9/12/2011State Police Release Sketch of Sex Assault Suspect
9/12/2011** UPDATE ** State Police Investigate Gasoline Tanker Truck Accident on Route 8
9/9/2011State Police Investigate Sex Assault
9/8/2011State Police Make Child Porn Arrest
9/6/2011FINAL: 2011 Labor Day Weekend Connecticut State Police Accident/Enforcement Statistics
9/2/2011State Police Enforcement Operation for 2011 Labor Day Weekend
9/2/2011Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Introduce "Operation Iron Eagle"
8/31/2011Town of Sterling Emergency Operation Center
8/31/2011Connecticut Law Enforcement Ensures Safey Despite Lapse of 911 Service
8/29/2011State Police Investigate Untimely Death in Burlington
8/25/2011State Police Investigate Police Shooting
8/25/2011State Police Enforcment Operation Labor Day Weekend 2011
8/25/2011Griswald Fatal Crash Investigation Completed
8/23/2011Troopers Concluded Bridgeport Fire Department Line of Duty Death and Fire Investigation
8/23/2011State Troopers Investigate Damage to Middletown Weigh Station
8/19/2011State Police Vehicle Struck by Tractor Trailer
8/19/2011State Police Investigate Identity Theft; Seek Public's Help
8/16/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate 5 inmates Escape From Halfway House
8/16/2011State Police Make Narcotics Arrest
8/16/2011State Police Make Computer Crimes Arrest
8/15/2011State Police Make Bank Robbery Arrest
8/12/2011State Police Investigate Putnam Armed Robbery
8/5/2011Person Wanted by State Police Apprehended in Massachusetts
8/4/2011State Police Make Arrest in Computer Crime Case
8/3/2011State Police and State Fire Marshall's Office Investigate Suspicious Fires
8/3/2011CAPTURED: Wanted Poster
7/23/2011***CAPTURED***State Police Investigate Escape from Custody
7/20/2011** CAPTURED ** State Police Investigate Escape from Halfway House
7/18/2011Statewide Narcotics Task Force Seizes Marijuana Grow Operations
7/18/2011** UPDATE ** State Police Investigate Police Shooting
7/14/2011Connecticut State Police and Fire Academy Prepare For Youth Week Graduations
7/13/2011State Police Make Arrest in Armed Robbery
7/7/2011State Police-American Legion Youth Week
7/6/2011State Police Seek Public's Help in Arson
6/30/2011State Police Investigate Attempted Burglary
6/29/2011Violent Street Gang Members Arrested In Fairfield County
6/29/2011State Police Computer Crimes Unit Make Two Arrests
6/29/2011Fireworks July 4th Celebration
6/29/2011Connecticut State Police Promoting Safety For July 4th 2011
6/26/2011UPDATE: State Police Continue To Investigate Suspicious Death
6/22/2011State Police Investigate Fatal Accident, Seek Public's Help
6/15/2011State Police Make Computer Crime Arrest in Hartford
6/15/2011State Police Make Computer Crime Arrest
6/14/2011UPDATE: State Police Continue To Investigate Suspicious Death
6/14/2011State Police makes Narcotic Arrest
6/14/2011State Police Computer Crimes Troopers Arrest Suspect
6/13/2011State Police Investigate Suspicious Death
6/9/2011State Police and Trumbull Police Investigate Carjacking
6/9/2011Connectict State Police Help Collect Wheelchairs For Worldwide Distribution
6/8/2011State Police Make Forgery Arrest
6/8/2011Connecticut State Police Make Computer Crime Arrest
6/7/2011State Police Tips for Summer Safety
6/7/2011State Police Make Larceny Arrest
6/3/2011Statewide Narcotics Task Force Operation
6/1/2011State Police Investigate Arson
5/31/2011State Police Continue Police Shooting Investigation
5/25/2011State Police Memorial Day Spotchecks and DWI Patrols
5/25/2011State Police Memorial Day 2011 Enforcement Operation
5/20/2011State Police Locate Missing Person Deceased
5/20/2011State Police Investigate Police Shooting Incident
5/19/2011State Police Computer Crime Unit Make Arrest
5/18/2011State Police SNTF Make Narcotic Arrest
5/17/2011Southbury Fire Determined To Be Arson
5/17/2011Gas Leak Causes Extended Road Closure
5/17/2011Connecticut's Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony
5/13/2011State Troopers from Troops F, H, I and W Receive Awards
5/13/2011State Troopers from Troops A, B, G and L Receive Awards
5/13/2011State Trooper from Troops C, D, E and K Receive Awards
5/10/2011State Police Make Illegal Crane Opertion Arrest
5/5/2011State Police Make Sexual Assault Arrest
5/3/2011State Police Make Arrest In Court House Bomb Threat
5/2/2011State Police Investigate Waterbury Untimely Death
5/2/2011State Police Investigate Death at Fire Scene in Killingly
4/30/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Untimely Death in Burlington
4/29/2011Trooper's Motor Vehicle Stop Leads To Narcotic Arrest
4/29/2011State Police Make Arrest In Bank Robbery
4/28/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigates Untimely Death
4/28/2011State Police Investigate Bank Robbery
4/28/2011Connecticut State Police Taking Back Unwanted Prescription Drugs
4/25/2011State Police Investigate Suspicious Incident
4/20/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Bank Robbery
4/20/2011State Police Investigate Bank Robbery
4/19/2011State Police Lodge Additional Charges In Terryville Murder Case
4/19/2011State Police Investigate Untimely Death
4/15/2011State Police Make Arrest in Sex Assault
4/15/2011State Police Encounter Violations In and Around UConn Campus
4/13/2011State Police Plan DUI Spot Checks in Mansfield
4/8/2011Statewide Narcotics Task Force Arrests Two
4/8/2011State Police Pancake Breakfast & Car Show - May 22
4/5/2011State Police Investigate Death
3/30/2011State Police Make Manslaughter Arrest
3/30/2011State Police Make Arrest in Evading Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident
3/29/2011State Police Investigate Bank Robbery
3/23/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Suspicious Death
3/22/2011State Police Make Arrest in Brooklyn Sex Assault
3/22/2011State Police Investigate Suspicious Death
3/17/2011State Police Promote 5 to Captain
3/17/2011State Police Make Arrest in Assault on Infant Child
3/14/2011State Police Make Narcotic Arrest
3/11/2011Arrest Made In Motor Vehicle Crash
3/10/2011State Police Make Narcotics Arrest
3/9/2011State Police Make Felony Evading Arrest
3/9/2011State Police Make Cheating Arrest at Casino
3/9/2011Connecticut State Police Announce Citizens’ Police Academy
3/4/2011State Police Make Arrests in Andover Armed Robbery
3/3/2011Narcotic Investigation Results in Arrests & Seizure
3/1/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Untimely Death
2/24/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Death Ruled Homicide
2/24/2011UPDATE #3: State Police Investigate Suspicious Death Ruled a Homicide
2/23/2011State Police Investigate Attempted Robbery
2/23/2011State Police Assist Coventry P.D. Investigation of Bank Robbery
2/17/2011State Police Make Arrest in Bristol Police Shooting
2/17/2011State Police Arrest Two Suspects During Home Invasion
2/17/2011Important Winter Safety Reminders
2/9/2011State Police Narcotics Task Force Makes Heroin Seizure
2/7/2011State Police Superbowl Weekend Stats
2/7/2011Death Benefit Approved For Widow of State Trooper Kenneth Hall
2/4/2011State Police Narcotics Investigation Leads to Arrest
2/3/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Wethersfield Shooting
2/2/2011Update #1: State Police Investigate Wethersfield Shooting
2/2/2011State Police Make Murder For Hire Arrest
2/2/2011State Police Investigate Wethersfield Shooting
2/2/2011State Police Investigate Branford Robbery
2/1/2011UPDATE: State Police Investigate Officer-Involved Shooting
1/31/2011State Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting
1/31/2011Connecticut Amber Alert Program Coordinators Announce Expansion to Facebook
1/27/2011UPDATE: Public Safety Issues Snow Storms
1/27/2011State Police Make Fraud/Larceny Arrest
1/25/2011State Police Investigate Mansfield bank Robbery
1/25/2011State Police Apprehend Suspect Wanted in Domestic Violence Case
1/21/2011State Police Issue Alert For Missing Coventry Woman
1/20/2011State Police Recover Stolen Vehicles, Seize Guns, Make Arrests
1/20/2011State Police Make Arrest In Murder For Hire Case
1/20/2011State Police Make Additional Arrest In Gambling Investigation
1/19/2011State Police Make Pornography Arrest
1/19/2011State Police Conduct DUI Enforcement Operation
1/18/2011State Police Make Oxford Pharmacy Burglary Arrest
1/13/2011State Police Activity During Major Storm
1/12/2011State Police Investigate Mansfield Armed Robbery
1/11/2011State Police Prepare for Next Winter Snowstorm
1/7/2011State Police Make Additional Arrest in Windsor Locks Fatal Crash Investigation
1/5/2011State Police Release Sex Offender Registry Report
1/4/2011update: CAPTURED State Police Seek Public's Help: WANTED POSTER
1/4/2011State Police Make Narcotics Arrest in New Haven
1/3/2011State Police Seek Public's Help: REWARD POSTER