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Welcome to the CTsource portal

CTsource is Connecticut’s State contracting portal. It’s a modern, user-friendly system designed to be more efficient. CTsource benefits and highlights include:

  • Simple searching for bids and contracts
  • Active and awarded contracts
  • Customized business profiles for greater visibility
  • Digital document tools, libraries, tracking, and reporting
  • Custom email alerts

Take advantage of the expanded functionality and system features of CTsource today!

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Start working with the State

Access frequently-used tools and apps.

Bid board

Search and find solicitations for goods and services on the CTsource Bid Board. Registration is not required to view opportunities.

Contract board

Search and view contracts more efficiently on the CTsource Contract Board. You don’t need an account to view active contracts.

Supplier registration

Register to create a profile and start responding to business opportunities with the State. Please note, registration requires business information.

Events for vendors

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Find upcoming events

DAS often hosts online and in-person events like workshops, clinics, and summits for CT vendors. These include clinics for small and minority businesses, supplier summits, and more.

Explore events happening soon to find one that’s right for your company.

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Looking for free contract information?

Before you create a CTsource account or submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, check the Contract Board for the following information:

  • Active DAS contracts and contract periods
  • Vendor information
  • Commodity codes
  • Amendment information and attachments

CTsource contract board

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Subcontracting resources

The Contract Board is an online portal where the State of Connecticut posts its active contracts for all goods and contractual services including information technology.

The CTsource Contract Board allows businesses to access plenty of relevant contract information. No registration is needed to:

  • View the list of all active contracts
  • Search contracts by contract number, commodity, supplier, or keyword

CTsource bid board

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CTsource bid board

The Bid Board is an online portal where the State of Connecticut posts its open solicitations for all goods and services including information technology.

You don’t need to register to view solicitations. In the CTsource Bid Board, you can:

  • Search for solicitations by keyword, commodity, or agency
  • View a list of all active solicitations

Registration is not required to view these opportunities, but suppliers and vendors will need to register to:

  • Create a vendor profile
  • Submit supplier bids electronically

Supplier registration

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Become a supplier for the State

Suppliers are businesses or organizations looking to provide something to the State of Connecticut. These include vendors, contractors, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and anyone interested in providing products or services to the state.

Follow the link below to register, create your profile, and reply to postings so you can do business with the State of Connecticut. Once registered, your business can:

  • Get CT State business opportunity notifications
  • Submit bids for state contracts
  • Access tools and resources for registered Suppliers

To register, you’ll need to submit some information to CTsource. Learn more about the process.

  • How to register 
    Register to view and respond to state contracting opportunities
We’ll take you through the process step-by-step in this article.
  • Supplier registration resources 
    Access PDFs and guides to help you register and get the most from your CTsource account.
  • Supplier registration FAQs 
    Get access to frequently asked questions, answers, and other resources. You can also get help with technical issues and login support.
  • Contact CTsource 
    Get assistance with your CTsource account.