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Department of Administrative Services

450 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06103

Phone: 860-263-6000

Division contacts

To search for Individual Employee Information, Visit the state of Connecticut telephone directory:

Commissioner's Office 

Commissioner: Michelle H. Gilman
Phone: 860-713-5100
Fax: 860-730-8405

Communications Office 

Director of Communications: Leigh Appleby
Phone: 860-713-5197

Equal employment opportunity 

Director: Alicia Nuñez
Phone: 860-816-8829

Fleet operations 

Deputy Commissioner: Stephen McGirr
Phone: 860-713-5160

Facilities management 

Deputy Commissioner: Doug Moore
Phone: 860-713-5800

DAS/BITS Service desk 

Phone: 860-622-2300

Leasing and property transfer 

Administrator, Statewide Leasing and Property Transfer: Shane Mallory
Phone: 860-713-5600

Office of the State Building Inspector 

State Building Inspector: Omarys Vasquez
Phone: 860-713-5900
Fax: 860-920-3083

Office of the State Fire Marshal 

State Fire Marshal: William Abbott
Phone: 860-713-5750

Procurement programs and services 

Director: Gene Burk
Phone: 860-713-5095

Real estate and construction services 

Director of Management Service: Doug Moore
Phone: 860-713-5850

Small agency resource team HR directory 

Statewide Human Resources, Deputy Commissioner: Nick Hermes
Phone: 860-713-5319

Business Office 

Chief Fiscal Officer: Jolita Lazauskas


Chief Information Officer: Mark Raymond