School construction grant forms
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Grant forms at your fingertips

The administration of school construction grants relies heavily on the timing and accuracy of submitted documentation. The necessary forms and documents are available on this page.

Click the link below to see a full list of the School Construction Grant forms.

All required forms regarding plan review and approval 

School Construction Grant forms

Looking for a specific school construction grant form? Find them organized by series using the links below.

SCG 000 series of basic requirements forms.
SCG 1000 series of forms - from summary of expenditures to reimbursement rates, and more.
SCG 2000 series, including building project soft costs to building systems outline for cost estimating and more.
SCG 2500 series of forms on design standards and guidelines.
SCG 3000 series of forms - from project team list to photovoltaic system installation checklist.
SCG 3000 series of certifications - from playground design, maintenance, and inspection to seismic loads.
SCG 3000 and 7000 series of forms - from sole source bidding to plan review procedures and more.
SCG 3500 series of forms - from cost analysis for proposed renovation project to RNV checklist.
SCG 4000 series of forms - from 6-month rule memo to eligible and ineligible items for FF&E and technology.
SCG 7000 series of forms - from DEHMS School Security Completive Grant Program to NCEF School Safety Checklist.
SCG 7500 series of reports on the condition of public school facilities in Connecticut.
SCG 9000 series of forms - including designated accessible schools letter and window film acknowledgement letter.
Forms on annual adjustments, prevailing wages and adjustments, and more from the CT Department of Labor.
From the CT Department of Health, asbestos in schools to water supply systems.
From the CT Department of Transportation (DOT), encroachment permits and Office of State Traffic Administration.