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What are non-priority list project grants?

Non-Priority List grants can be approved directly by the Commissioner of Administrative Services. Non-Priority List grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis, outside of the Priority List schedule.

Learn more about Non-Priority List projects below, including:

  • Types of projects that count as Non-Priority List
  • Rules that apply to Non-Priority List projects
  • Contact information for the Office of Grants Administration

Important information about the non-priority list

According to the rules laid out in C.G.S. 10-283(b), Non-Priority List projects are those that:

  • Assist school building projects to remedy damage from fire and catastrophe.
  • Correct safety, health, and other code violations.
  • Replace roofs, including the replacement or installation of skylights as part of the roof replacement project.
  • Remedy a certified school indoor air quality emergency.
  • Install insulation for exterior walls and attics.
  • Purchase and install a limited use and limited access elevator, windows, photovoltaic panels, wind generation systems, building management systems, a public school administrative or service facility or portable classroom buildings. This applies only if portable classroom building projects do not create a new facility or cause an existing facility to be modified so that the portable buildings comprise a substantial percentage of the total facility area, as determined by the commissioner.
  • Are for school security projects, including but not limited to making improvements to existing school security infrastructure or installing new school security infrastructure.

Please note: The issuance of state grant commitments is not to be confused with the approval to begin construction. The licensed architects within the Department of Administrative Services oversee all plan approval requirements for public school construction projects seeking state grant assistance. Each project requires plan approval of each relevant phase prior to the work being publicly bid. Construction costs expended on projects that have not received plan approval to be publicly bid will be ineligible for grant assistance.

Grant application resources

View this presentation for resources on how to apply for school construction grants through Core-CT.
Apply for a school construction grant on Core-CT. All local and regional school districts should have a Core-CT administrator who can create user accounts.
Find all the documentation needed to apply for a school construction grant, including sample forms.
Access any forms and paperwork you might need to apply for a school construction grant.
Read the legislation that determines how DAS manages grants for school building projects and the Priority List.

Contact DAS