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Each year school districts can apply for grants for major construction projects, such as projects to build a new school or to perform a renovation or alternation at an existing school. DAS reviews these applications for completion and places all completed applications on the Priority List

DAS submits the Priority List to the governor and the Education Committee on December 15th of each year. Once approved, the list is then voted on by the Connecticut General Assembly.

Get more information and explore current and past Priority Lists on this page.

Review the 2024 Priority List (PDF) 

Important Priority List information

Most school construction projects looking for state funding need to be on the Priority List that is approved by the legislature, with some exceptions. These exceptions are called Non-Priority List projects and they can be approved directly by the Commissioner of DAS. You may find information on the Nonpriority List at this link.

The yearly timeline for getting a project grant authorized on the Priority List is:

  • June 30 – Grant applications are due.
  • December 15 – DAS submits the Priority List to the Governor and Education Committee for review.
  • Prior to February 1 – The Education Committee approves or changes the Priority List and submits it to the governor and General Assembly.
  • Please note: The issuance of state grant commitments is not to be confused with the approval to begin construction. The licensed architects within the Department of Administrative Services oversee all plan approval requirements for public school construction projects seeking state grant assistance Each project requires plan approval of each relevant phase prior to the work being publicly bid. Construction costs expended on projects that have not received plan approval to be publicly bid will be ineligible for grant assistance.
  • Spring/summer – The CT General Assembly authorizes the Commissioner of DAS to give out grants on behalf of the state. DAS lets grant applicants know their decisions.

Additional resources and information

Find school construction grant forms 

Access any forms and paperwork you might need to apply for a school construction grant.

Review the laws and regulations 

Read the legislation that determines how DAS manages grants for school building projects and the Priority List.

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