FOIA Requests
Text explaining the Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of information (FOIA)

Did you know that the information you are requesting might already be publicly available? This includes:

  • Contracting: Visit CT Source for information on contract period, vendor information, commodity codes, attachments, and much more.
  • Workforce: View Connecticut's Executive Branch Workforce Dashboard for information on the number of employees by agency and number of filled vacancies.
  • State employee salary information: Visit OpenPayroll to view state employee payroll and salary information.
  • Open Data Portal: Browse public data provided by Connecticut State Agencies
Visit CT Source 

Submit a FOIA request

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Submit a new FOIA request

To submit a FOIA request, first create a GovQA account.

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Get a FOIA request from archives

Search for a FOIA request that’s already been made with keywords. Or find trending FOIA topics.

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Are there fees for CT FOIA info?

There are minimal fees for copies of FOIA requests. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions about FOIA requests

How can I get more info on FOIA?

How can I learn more about the Freedom of Information Act and FOIA requests?

How can I view public records?

How can I view public records available through FOIA requests?

How long does it take to get a response to a FOIA?

FOIA requests are acknowledged within 4 days and responsive documents may take additional time to produce.

Why is my FOIA request “exempt”?

A list of exemptions can be found in C.G.S. Section 1-210.

Do I need to file a FOIA request if I just want to get info on a contractor bid?

You can skip the FOIA request and visit CTSource instead to find out who won a bid, the final bid offer, and more.

How do I find public data on agencies or payroll?

Pay amounts for state employees and public data on agencies is available through OpenPayroll and the Open Data Portal.

Where can I find declaratory rulings?

A list of declatory rulings can be found at CT’s FOIA Commission.

Where can I find FOIA regulations?

You can find CT FOIA regulations at the CT FOIA Commission.

Where can I find FOIA Court decisions?

Court decisions for FOIA requests can be found at the Connecticut FOIA Commission.