DAS Procurement Agency Procurement Manual

Vendor Performance Reporting System

Vendor Performance Reporting


Feedback on our contracts is important to DAS in administering our contracts and managing our suppliers.  Having a system in place to track and evaluate supplier performance is essential in allowing us to deliver quality contracts and ensure value-added supplier performance.  It’s important for us to receive regular feedback from you when problems arise during the use of the contracts that we administer.  

We also want to hear about exemplary performance.  By obtaining this feedback, DAS can help resolve contract/supplier problems and document and measure supplier performance.  This information will enable us to alleviate future risks, drive continuous improvement and ultimately increase user satisfaction.

Contract users should communicate this information to DAS via email to the Contract Specialist assigned to the contract.  Once submitted, DAS will work with you and the supplier to document and/or resolve the issues.  This can also be used to commend a vendor for exemplary service.