DAS Procurement Agency Procurement Manual

Understanding and Using State Contracts

DAS Procurement strives to ensure information is readily available to assist agencies in understanding what contracts are available for use, how to use them, and what is covered under certain contracts.   When contemplating a purchase, and after finding a contract that fills agency needs, agency purchasers should become familiar with the contract terms, conditions, description of goods or services, and price schedules.   Read the contract and ask questions of the Contract Specialist, if needed.

DAS uses a consistent format in setting up contract agreements, consisting of several parts:

  • Contract - Includes reference to the contract parties, agreement/consideration, terms, signatures and date;
  • Exhibit A – Includes a description of the goods or services (for IT contracts there may be additional exhibits with requirements, deliverables and implementation schedules).
  • Exhibit B – Includes documented price schedules.

Most DAS contracts are in .pdf format and are bookmarked so the contract user can easily jump from section-to-section.