DAS Procurement Agency ProcurementĀ Manual


The state government contracting process and procedures must be open, honest, fair, and accessible at all times with competition being the backbone to the public procurement process. 

This manual is designed to give Connecticut state agencies the latest information about procurement topics to assist them in performing purchasing functions in a legal and ethical manner. 

The Stateā€™s procurement policies form a framework for conducting procurements and establishing contracts.  Policies address key public procurement topics including:

  • Ensuring sufficient, fair and open competition;
  • Validating vendor responsibility; 
  • Identifying SBE/MBE opportunities;
  • Dealing with Emergency procurements;
  • Promoting local food growers, and other legal preferences;
  • Protecting human health and the environment through our EPP programs;
  • Safeguarding agencies through legally sound contracts, and more.

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Procurement Division encourages state agencies to contact us with questions about procurement policies, procedures and programs. We hope this manual is a useful tool.