Codes and Standards Committee


Pursuant to Connecticut General Statue 29-251 Opens in a new window Opens in a new window, the following members are currently serving on the Codes and Standards Committee:

  1. Louis J. Free (Architect)
  2. John Butkus (Architect)
  3. Thomas DiBlasi (Professional Engineer, Structural)
  4. George Iskra (Professional Engineer, Fire Protection)
  5. Michael Musco (Professional Engineer, Electrical)
  6. John Carrier (Builder, Residential)
  7. Glenn Neilson (Builder, Nonresidential)
  8. Anthony Bruno (Public Health Official)
  9. Henry Miga (Building Official)
  10. Carlton Smith (Building Official)
  11. Keith Flood (Local Fire Marshal)
  12. Michael Sinsigalli (Local Fire Marshal)
  13. Mark Mastropasqua (National Building Trades Labor)
  14. William Zoeller (Energy Efficiency Expert)
  15. David McKinley (Public Member, Accessibility)
  16. Frederick Wajcs, Jr. (Public Member)
  17. Donald Doeg, Esq. (Public Member)
  18. Donald Harwood (Public Member)
  19. Paul Costello (Electrical Trades)
  20. Eric Shutt (Trades)
  21. John Cox (HVAC Trades)