Apply for boiler, elevator, and escalator inspections and certifications


In addition to the State Building Code, the Office of the State Building Inspector (OSBI) is responsible for the regulation of:

  • Elevators, escalators, etc.
  • Boilers and hot water heaters.

This includes the administration of the:

You may
register, request an inspection or request a code modification for your equipment online.

Elevators, Escalators etc.

OSBI is responsible for certification and inspections of elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, private residence elevators, tramways and personnel hoists used for construction and demolition.

At present we have 15,400 elevators registered in Connecticut, all of which are inspected every 18 months. Our inspectors, aside from inspecting elevators, are required to witness required tests by state licensed elevator contractors, and will investigate accidents and complaints.

Boilers & Hot Water Heaters

OSBI regulates certain boilers and hot water heaters through the Safety Code for Boilers and Hot Water Heaters.

The state statutes require the registration/certification and inspection of certain elevators, escalators, boilers and hot water heaters.