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Information for Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers for Compliance with the Mercury Education and Reduction Act

In 2002, the Connecticut General Assembly passed into law Public Act 02-90 which established a program to eliminate non-essential uses of mercury in consumer, household and commercial products with the goal of reducing mercury in the environment.

The law, now codified in Sections 22a-612 through 22a-625 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) covers a broad range of topics such as manufacturer notification, specific product bans, sale restrictions, mercury-containing lamp management, labeling requirements, manufacturer collection plans, and mercury handling and disposal requirements. The first provisions of the law were effective July 1, 2002, with full implementation of all requirements by July 1, 2006.

Fact Sheets and Related Forms

Matrix of Information for Mercury Education and Reduction Act

Mercury Definitions

Manufacturer Notification of Mercury-added Products

Ban on the Sale or Distribution of Specific Mercury-added Products

Phase-out Requirements for Mercury-added Products

Labeling Requirements for Products that Contain Mercury

Mercury-added Product Collection System Plan

Elemental Mercury Purchasing and Distribution Restrictions

Certification Statement Form for the Sale or Distribution of Elemental Mercury
(Word FormPDF Version)

Exemptions from Notification, Mercury Content Limits, Labeling, and Collection System Plan Requirements

Safe and Environmentally Sound Management of Mercury-containing Lamps

Establishing a Reverse Distribution Program for Recycling Mercury-Containing Lamps

Universal Waste Rule Fact Sheet

Hazardous Waste Determinations/Knowledge of Process Fact Sheet

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