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Manufacturer Notification of Mercury-added Products

Section 22a-615 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS)

What is the purpose of submitting a notification of a mercury-added product?
The information provided through manufacturer notification allows the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC) to collect data on mercury-added products that will be offered for sale or distributed for promotional purposes in the state. This data will help us determine our progress toward meeting mercury reduction goals.

Who must file a notification form?
Any manufacturer of a mercury-added product, or its designated Industrial Trade Group, must report specific information on their company and the mercury-added products that they will be offering for sale or distributing for promotional purposes in the state.

When must a notification be filed?
The manufacturer, or its designated Industrial Trade Group, must file a manufacturer's notification before offering any mercury-added product for sale or distribution for promotional purposes in Connecticut.

Note: If the manufacturer has previously filed a notification, the previous notification must be updated in April 2005, using 2004 data, and every subsequent three years, when there is a significant change in the product, or when requested by the commissioner or IMERC. The notification submitted must use the previous year's data to complete the notification.

How can a manufacturer elect to designate an Industrial Trade Group?
A manufacturer can designate an Industrial Trade Group to provide notification on their behalf. In this case, the manufacturer must provide the necessary certification on the Manufacturer's Designated Industrial Trade Group Registration, which is now integrated into the Notification Form for Multiple Manufacturers. The entire package is then submitted to IMERC.

How is a notification filed?
The notification forms are available on the IMERC website. Only original documentation will be accepted; copies, faxes or electronic submissions will not be accepted. All information must be either typed or printed using black ink.  The notification form must then be submitted to IMERC at the following address:

Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
129 Portland Street, Suite 602
Boston, MA 02114-2014

When is a manufacturer considered in compliance with the notification requirement?
For a manufacturer to be considered in compliance with the notification requirement, a manufacturer must complete and submit appropriate original notification forms to IMERC and receive a letter from IMERC indicating the manufacturer is in compliance with the notification requirements.

What mercury-added products, if any, are exempt from the notification requirement?
Refer to the Exemptions from Notification, Mercury Content Limits, Labeling, and Collection System Plan Requirements fact sheet for a list of mercury-added products which are exempt from the notification requirement.

Can a manufacturer request confidentiality of information being submitted?
A manufacturer may request confidentiality of certain information being submitted, however if the information is required by statute, it cannot be considered confidential.

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