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Ban on the Sale or Distribution of Specific Mercury-added Products

Section 22a-616 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS)

What type of mercury-added products are affected by the bans?
The bans prohibit the sale or distribution of specific mercury-added products in the state by particular dates. The following products were banned effective:

January 1, 2003 Mercury fever thermometers. Note: Mercury fever thermometers authorized by a physician's prescription are not included in this ban.
July 1, 2003 Mercury-added novelties and mercury dairy manometers
July 1, 2011 Button cell batteries containing mercury or any product containing such batteries.

What is a mercury fever thermometer?
CGS Section 22a-616 defines a mercury fever thermometer as a mercury-added product that is used for measuring body temperature. The definition does not include a digital thermometer that has a removable button cell battery that contains mercury.

What is a mercury-added novelty?
CGS Section 22a-613 defines a mercury-added novelty as a mercury-added product intended mainly for personal or household enjoyment or adornment, including, but not limited to, products intended for use as:

Adornments Games Practical Jokes Candles Holiday Decorations Merchandise Cards Jewelry Toys Figurines Ornaments Yard Figures Footwear Other Items of Apparel Yard Statues

A product is not a mercury-added novelty solely on the basis that it includes a removable button cell battery containing mercury.

What is a mercury dairy manometer?
A mercury dairy manometer is an instrument that is used for measuring the pressure on milking lines and contains mercury.

What are the manufacturer's obligations when supplying a prescription authorized mercury fever thermometer?
Manufacturers of mercury fever thermometers must supply the person buying or receiving a mercury fever thermometer with:

  • a notice of the thermometer mercury content;

  • instructions on the proper disposal and handling of the thermometer to avoid breakage; and

  • appropriate cleanup techniques should a breakage occur.

What are the manufacturer's obligations to retailers concerning mercury-added novelties or mercury dairy manometers?
Manufacturers of mercury-added novelties or mercury dairy manometers must notify the retailers concerning:

  • the provisions of the mercury product ban, and

  • instructions on the proper disposal of any remaining inventory affected by the ban.

How can someone register a complaint concerning a mercury-added product ban?
People may register a complaint by calling the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Mercury Hotline at 1-877-537-2488 or 860-424-3297.

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