Practitioner Licensure General Policies and Procedures


Please be advised that all information provided by licensees and applicants, excluding Social Security Numbers and including addresses and phone numbers, is public information and is releasable pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.


Visitors To DPH Office


This office does not meet with visitors who do not have a scheduled appointment.  A drop-box is available at the 1st floor security desk at 410 Capitol Avenue should individuals wish to submit applications, fees or any other documents.  It is strongly recommended that all documentation be submitted via U.S. Mail, fax or email.  Cash is not accepted.   




The fee for initial licensure covers the cost of eligibility determination and related administrative functions.  At such time as an applicant is determined eligible for licensure, the process of licensure issuance will proceed immediately.  The licensure renewal fee is separate and distinct from the application fee.  Licenses are renewed annually during the licensee’s month of birth. Renewal will be required in the first birth month that immediately follows the issuance of licensure.  The full renewal fee will be required regardless of the date of initial licensure. Please select this link for professions that expire biennially


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  The fee which accompanies an application covers the cost of reviewing and processing that specific application, it cannot be refunded, even if the applicant is found ineligible for licensure.


Any incomplete application which has remained inactive for one year will be destroyed in accordance with the agency’s record retention schedule.  To reactivate the application process, a completely new application and fee will be required.


Applicants with Criminal or Disciplinary Background


Section 19a-14 of the Connecticut General Statutes grants the Department of Public Health the authorization to perform the following functions:

  • Determine the eligibility of any applicant for licensure, registration, certification or a permit; and
  • Deny any applicant’s eligibility for a permit or licensure by examination, endorsement, reciprocity or for the restatement of a voided license if the Department determines that such applicant has committed or has been found guilty of committing acts which are contrary to public health and safety.

The impact of this section is, in part, that the Department has the authority to deny licensure to an individual who has committed or been found guilty of committing a felony or an act which does not
conform to the accepted standards of the profession. Please be advised that applicants are reviewed independently and many factors are considered to determine if there is any impediment as to his/her
ability to practice safely and effectively as a professional in Connecticut. Such factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The nature of the act and its relationship to professional practice;
  • The time frame in which the act was committed; and
  • The extent of rehabilitation demonstrated by the applicant.

Please note that it is impossible to determine an applicant’s eligibility for licensure prior to the time that an application has been submitted and all necessary supporting documentation has been received in this office.


Questions may be directed to this office via email to


Status Checks


It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for the submission of all required documentation for timely completion of the application.  All documentation is required to be submitted directly to the Department from the source.  No documentation will be accepted if submitted from the applicant.  


Applicants may see a list of documents that are outstanding online by logging into their account and selecting 'License Status' under 'Online Services'.  Please login with the user ID and password you used to file the application online.


Licensure Issuance


At such time as an application is complete, an eligibility determination will be made.  This determination will be made within three to four weeks and the applicant will be notified with regard to the determination.


Upon approval of an application, the licensee will receive email notification that will contain the license number and the effective date.  Three part licensing documents will be forwarded to the licensee's address of record during the third week of the following month in which the license was issued.  For example, licenses issued in September will be received during the third week of October.    


Applicants with Pending Investigations in Other States


The Department is prohibited by state law from issuing a license to any applicant who is the subject of an unresolved complaint in any state.  At such time as an investigation is completed in the applicant's favor, and the Department is notified of same, the process of licensure issuance will occur.  Should the applicant be subject of formal disciplinary action in such other state, the Department will review the action and determine how best to proceed with the application.


Licensure Requirements


Licensure requirements are subject to change as a result of new legislation, new rules and regulations or from new policies and procedures adopted by the Department, where appropriate, in cooperation with various boards and commissions.  Applicants must meet current licensure requirements.




Licensing examination questions are not included in the Freedom of Information Act as documents available for review.  Whenever possible, however, the PLIS will provide whatever feedback possible with regard to examination performance.  


Social Security Numbers


The Privacy Act of 1974 requires any federal, state or local government agency that requires individuals to disclose their social security numbers to inform those individuals whether the disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority the number is requested and how it will be used.    Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes, Section 17b-137a(a)(1), disclosure of the social security number is mandatory.   The social security number is used in the administration and collection of taxes and is also used for child support collection.  Please note that the Department will only disclose social security numbers to government entities.  Your social security number will not be released to the general public.


Prime Source Verification 


As part of application process, the applicant is required to arrange for all supporting documents to be submitted directly to this office from the source.  This requirement is considered prime source verification of the applicant's education and training and all other requirements for licensure.


Volunteer Health Care Services on a Temporary Basis


No provision of title 19a or 20 of the general statutes shall be construed to prohibit an out-of-state health care practitioner who holds a current unrestricted health care practitioner license or certificate issued in another state, territory of the United States or the District of Columbia from providing uncompensated health care services in this state in association with: (1) A free clinic or other similar charitable medical event that provides health care services to persons at no cost; or (2) the Special Olympics or any other similar athletic competition held in the state that attracts a large number of out-of-state participants, provided the out-of-state health care practitioner: (A) Does not represent himself or herself to be a Connecticut licensed or certified health care practitioner; (B) only provides health care services to patients seeking health care services at a charitable medical event or athletes participating in the Special Olympics or other similar athletic competition; (C) only provides health care services authorized pursuant to state law while under the supervision of a Connecticut licensed or certified health care practitioner within the same professional licensure or certification category; and (D) maintains professional liability insurance or other indemnity against liability for professional malpractice either personally or through the sponsoring organization in an amount that is equal to or greater than that required for similarly licensed or certified Connecticut practitioners. Any organization conducting a free clinic, charitable medical event or athletic competition shall be responsible for ensuring that an out-of-state health care practitioner participating in such event fully complies with these requirements.