Pursuant to Section 20-10c, Connecticut General Statutes, any person who practices medicine for no fee, for at least one hundred hours per year at a public health facility, as defined in Section 20-126l*, or in connection with a mobile health clinic that provided health care services to individuals of this state, and does not otherwise engage in the practice of medicine, shall be eligible to renew a license without payment of the required renewal fee.


In order to request waiver of the license renewal fee, please submit a Request for Waiver of Physician License Renewal Fee form.


Please note that any physician providing direct patient care services is required to maintain professional liability insurance or other indemnity against liability for professional malpractice and maintain compliance with continuing medical education requirements. 


*Public health facility" means an institution, as defined in section 19a-490, a community health center, a group home, a school, a preschool operated by a local or regional board of education or a head start program.