Pursuant to  Section 19a-88-1 through 19a-88-4 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, an applicant for renewal of a nurse (APRN, RN, LPN) license who is retired from the profession may apply for renewal at a reduced fee.

Retired from the profession means that the licensee does not intend to practice nursing for monetary compensation for at least 3 years; such person may provide volunteer services.

A licensee may qualify for retired renewal status provided the licensee:

  • Is retired from the profession;
  • Holds a current, unrestricted nurse license;
  • Is in the renewal period (60 days before expiration and 90 days after); and
  • Submits an application and the appropriate fee.

A licensee who has renewed at a retired status and, in the future, wishes to obtain a full, unrestricted license is required to meet the requirements for reinstatement of a lapsed license appropriate to the profession.


Licensed Practical Nurse:   $11.00
Registered Nurse: $15.00
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: $17.00