Body Piercing

The Department of Public Health does not have jurisdiction over individuals performing body piercing or the facilities in which body piercing is performed
Section 19a-92g of the Connecticut General Statutes reads as follows:
(a) No person may perform body piercing on an unemancipated minor under eighteen years of age without the written permission of the minor's parent. For purposes of this subsection, "body piercing" means piercing or creating a channel through any part of the body other than the ear lobe for the purpose of inserting a decorative object, and "ear lobe" means the lower portion of the auricle having no cartilage.
 (b) Any municipal health authority established under chapter 368e and any district department of health established under chapter 368f may, within its available resources, enforce the provisions of this section.
For additional information regarding body piercing, please contact your local health department.