Pursuant to Section 64 of Public Act 13-208 (effective July 1, 2013) all new barber/hairdresser schools must obtain a certificate of authorization from the Office of Higher Education and the Connecticut Board of Examiners for Hairdressers, Barbers and Cosmeticians prior to offering instruction to students intending to sit for the licensure examination and receiving a license as a barber or hairdresser.  Vocational Technical Schools and programs offered through the Department of Corrections are exempt from this requirement.
A new school, a school that wants to change its location or a school that is being sold, the owner shall notify the Department of Public Health in writing of his/her intent at least 120 days prior to the scheduled date on which the school proposes to begin instruction, move or change ownership. 
The barber school curriculum or hairdresser school curriculum to be used in the school’s instructional program shall be submitted with the letter of intent along with a list of instructors that includes their barber and/or hairdresser license number(s) and documentation that each instructor is at least 18 years of age, holds a high school diploma or equivalent, holds a current license as a hairdresser or barber in good standing in Connecticut, and has at least 2 years of licensed work experience as a barber or hairdresser as appropriate to the type of school.
The Department will conduct a review of the school’s curriculum.  Results of the Department’s review will be reported in writing to the school owner.
Upon a determination that the school’s curriculum and instructors meets the requirements, the Department will schedule an on-site inspection of the school to evaluate its sanitary condition in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Sections 20-241 and 20-262 and will notify the school owner of the inspection date and time.
Copies of the following documents shall be provided to the Department by the school prior to the on-site inspection:
  • A hairdresser or barber curriculum (or both if applicable);
  • Local fire marshal's inspection report;
  • Floor plan;
  • Admission application;
  • School rules and regulations;
  • Policies governing tuitions, fees, refunds and contracts;
  • School catalog;
  • Files of any students to be enrolled in the school, if applicable; and
  • Affidavit of hours completed for any transfer students to be enrolled in the school.
Please submit ALL required documents in PDF format by email directly to Frank.Manna@ct.gov.

Once all documents are on file and the inspection has been completed, Department staff will present the results of its review of the school to the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting.  The Board’s approval or disapproval will be documented in the Board minutes, along with the Department’s feedback to the Board on the Department’s consent to the approval action.
Approval will be issued in writing by the Department.  An effective date of the school’s approval will be specified.
Questions regarding this process may be emailed to dph.hairdresserteam@ct.gov.