Counter Terrorism and Intelligence

Since September 11, 2001, presidential directives, federal legislation, and appropriations to states related to homeland security have placed a special emphasis on preparedness for terrorism across the country. The following sections outline the counter terrorism and Intelligence capabilities in Connecticut.

Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism incorporates a variety of methods to prevent or thwart a terrorist attack. In Connecticut, DEMHS and the CT State Police share responsibilities for counter terrorism in the state.The purpose of counter terrorism activities is to utilize all resources within state government to develop unified safety and security measures to prevent, mitigate and manage incidents threatening the quality of life of the citizens of Connecticut.


Homeland Security Intelligence gathering in Connecticut is conducted through the state fusion center known as the Connecticut Intelligence Center Unit (CTIC). Fusion centers operate nationwide across all levels of government for the receive, analyze, gather, and share threat-related information. CTIC includes a co-located team of federal, state and local partners (including DESPP, Department of Correction, Connecticut National Guard, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Coast Guard, Office of the United States Attorney, federal Department of Homeland Security, and municipal police).

CTIC collects, analyzes and disseminates both criminal and terrorism-related intelligence to law enforcement officials throughout the state, and pertinent vetted information to authorized and appropriate agencies within the first responder and private sectors. CTIC staff includes 5 regional intelligence liaison officers (corresponding to the 5 DEMHS regions). CTIC operates under a privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protection policy.


Regional Intelligence Liaison Officers (RILOs)

The Connecticut Intelligence Center(CTIC) has maintained a  Regional Intelligence Liaison Officer (RILO) program for several years.  Under this program,  Five RILOs work collaboratively with CTIC to  support the mission of bringing together representatives of multiple state, local, and federal agencies to collect, analyze, and disseminate both criminal and terrorism-related intelligence to law enforcement and other appropriate partners in Connecticut and nationally. The RILO Program continues to enhance CTIC’s information sharing capability.