Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity

Cybercrime Investigations

Cybercrimes are criminal offenses committed on the internet or aided by the use of computer technology. The newly established CSP Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit assists is the investigation of cybercrimes in Connecticut.  The goal of this unit is to create a dedicated entity within the Connecticut State Police (CSP) responsible for investigating and pursuing the perpetrators of cyber crime, with adequate capacity to serve the needs of the CSP, manage effective liaison with regional and federal authorities and to assist municipal police in cyber security investigations.


The Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS), within the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection established a Cyber Security Committee as a working group of the DEMHS Advisory Council. The Committee includes representatives from, state, local and federal agencies as well as the private sector and meets monthly. Additionally, a statewide Connecticut Cybersecurity Resource Page has been developed with resources for officials, private organizations and individuals; a list of key cybersecurity plans and resources are listed below.

Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy

The Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy sets forth seven foundational principles including executive leadership, awareness, literacy, preparation, response, recovery, communication and verification. This document is intended to lead the way in cybersecurity planning in Connecticut.

Connecticut Cybersecurity Action Plan

This plan outlines the state's goals for improving cyber literacy, preparedness, response and recovery, across state and local government, education, business and law enforcement.This plan establishes the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit within the Connecticut State Police to investigate and pursue multi-jurisdictional cybercrimes and serve as a liaison with regional and federal authorities.

Connecticut Cyber Incident Response Plan

This document is designed as a template for State of Connecticut agencies to use when developing agency-specific Incident Response Plans.  Other state branches, local and municipal government agencies may also use this template (although some references to DAS/BEST as a central response resource may need to be modified).

Connecticut Cyber Disruption Response Plan

The CT Cyber Disruption Response Plan (CT-CDRP or CDRP) was developed as an annex to the State Response Framework. The CTDRP helps to address issues related to the increasing dependence on Information Technology (IT)/computer-based systems and the knowledge that disruptions to some systems may have profound and detrimental effects on public safety, critical infrastructure, and business and industry.

Cyber Incident Reporting Guide

The Cyber Incident Reporting Guide outlines the reporting requirements for cyber incidents that occur in Connecticut. This guide was designed to be used by local municipalities, schools and other public entities in ensuring state authorities are notified of a Cyber Incident.


The STOP. THINK. CONNECT. ™ Toolkit provides resources for all segments of the community to use in order to protect themselves and the organizations they work for during a cyber incident.