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Supervisory Certification to Engage in Commercial Use of Pesticides

Supervisory Certification
A supervisory certificate is required for commercial applicators who are responsible for deciding whether or not pesticides are to be employed, how they are to be mixed, where they are to be employed, what pesticides are to be used, the dosage and timing involved in the pesticide use and the methods of application and precautions to be taken in the use of such pesticides. The supervisory certificate allows the licensee to purchase restricted-use pesticides from a registered dealer. 

Every company applying pesticides commercially must have a certified supervisory applicator.  That individual must either be present at the site during pesticide application or provide specific written instructions to the certified operator.  The operator must not apply pesticides without the written instructions.  If, during the course of making an application, a treatment is required or requested that is not included in the written instructions held by the operator, the operator must not perform that treatment until he has obtained written instructions pertaining to the new application.

In order to obtain supervisory certification, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age and pass the appropriate examination(s). Most of the exam categories have an oral component as well as the written exam.  Pre-registration is requiredYou will not be admitted into the exam unless the proctor has an application for you. You will receive your results after your application, fee, and exam have been processed. To qualify for the oral exam, you must achieve at least a 75% on the safety/core portion of the exam and at least a 75% on the category.  The two scores are not averaged together.  The oral exam will be scheduled for you two to four weeks after you've passed the written exam and you will be notified by mail of the date and time.  If you fail the oral exam, you will be notified of your weak areas.  You must submit another application and fee and retake the written exam. If you do not appear for any exam, written or oral, it will be considered a failure.  You must submit another application, fee and take the written exam.  You forfeit the $200.00 fee if you are a "No Show".  If you need to cancel and reschedule the exam, you may, BUT you must complete the exam process, written and oral within 80 days.   

Study Material

Required and Additional Study Materials for Pesticide Supervisors

Pesticide Control Statutes Clarification

Pesticide On-line Training Courses

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Types of Pesticide Supervisor Examinations

Supervisor Category Explanation

Name of Exam Exam Categories
Agricultural Pest Control 1A: Plant
Aquatic Pest Control 5: Aquatic Pest Control
Custom Ground Pest Control
Demonstration and Research 10: Demonstration & Research
Forest Pest Control 2: Forest Pest Control
Industrial, Institutional and Structural Pest Control
Public Health 8: Public Health (governmental only)
Regulatory Pest Control 9: Regulatory (governmental only)
Rights of Way

6: Right of Way

Each examination appointment requires a fee (a total of $200.00 for one or more exams).  Following a failing examination grade, an applicant must wait a minimum of 30 days before re-examination. The re-examination appointment requires another fee (total of $200.00 for one or more of re-examinations).   

Payment Information:

Any fee submitted with a hard copy application, by mail, shall be paid by check or money order to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Do not send cash in the mail.

Cash Payments:

To pay in cash, the required fee along with completed applications/documents must be delivered to the Central Permit Processing Unit (CPPU) at DEEP (79 Elm Street in Hartford, CT). The exact fee amount must be provided; the department cannot provide change.

Credit Card Payments:

To pay by credit card, the card holder and only the card holder must come to the Central Permit Processing Unit (CPPU) at DEEP (79 Elm Street in Hartford, CT). They must bring all completed applications/documents that are being processed in the transaction.

A receipt will be provided for the fee payment and the applications/documents will move forward to be processed.

Procedures for Taking the Pesticide Supervisor's Examination

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to take the exam.
  2. You must present a photo ID at the time of the exam. (If not, you will be refused entrance to the exam). 
  3. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the examination room! 
  4. Complete the Exam Application for Commercial Pesticide Supervisor Certification (Word FormPDF) and submit it along with the required fees (check or money order for $200.00 for all exams, payable to "Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection") to the address indicated on the application form. Be sure to sign and date the form. Note: Fee for Supervisor Exam, except the Arborist Exam, is waived for Government employees who will be using the certification only for their governmental affiliation.
  5. You will be mailed an examination notification at least one (1) week prior to exam date.
  6. Examinees will receive their scores by mail (usually within four to six weeks).  Please do not call the Pesticide Management Program Office for results of your test. Certificates and/or fail letters are sent out in a timely manner.  Test scores are not released to applicants or their employers over the telephone.

Schedule of Exams
The Supervisory/Arborist exam is given by appointment only on certain dates.   

Supervisory Recertification
Supervisory applicators must obtain 12 credit hours per certification period for renewal of their supervisory pesticide certificate.  Credit can be obtained by attending specific meetings/seminars provided by sponsors at various locations throughout the state.

Annual Pesticide Use Summary Reports
Commercial pesticide applicators are required to maintain records with respect to their use of pesticides and the supervision of pesticide use. This requirement includes submitting an annual Commercial Applicator Pesticide Use Summary Report (Word FormPDF Form, PDF Instructions). DEEP may refuse to renew certification of a commercial applicator for failure to submit this report.  The Pesticide Use Summary report may be submitted electronically at:  

Lost Certificates
If you lose your certificate, a Duplicate Request Form  (Word FormPDF) must be submitted to obtain a duplicate certificate.

If school is cancelled in the town that the exam is to be held, the exam will be cancelled.  Check radio and television announcements to for information on school closures due to inclement weather.  All exams administered at DEEP in Hartford will be given unless the Governor has a delayed opening or closes the State offices.

Directions Examinations are usually given at DEEP Headquarters, 79 Elm Street, Hartford.  Directions

For more information please call the Pesticide Management Program  (860) 424-3369, e-mail or write to:

Pesticide Management Program
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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