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Certification to Engage in Use of Pesticides

There are two classes of commercial certification - supervisory and operational.  In addition, farmers and other growers are classified as private applicators.

A commercial junior operator certificate is required for commercial applicators who actively use pesticides in other than a supervisory capacity. This certification allows the holder to use pesticides only under the direction of a certified supervisor. The operational certificate does not allow the holder to purchase restricted pesticides or to go into business for himself.  The junior operator certification exam is based on a manual entitled Manual for Pesticide Junior Operator’s Certification.

A commercial supervisory certificate is required for commercial applicators who are responsible for deciding whether or not pesticides are to be applied, how they are to be mixed, where they are to be applied, what pesticides are to be used, the dosage and timing involved in the pesticide use and the methods of application and precautions to be taken in the use of such pesticides. The supervisory certificate allows the certificate holder to purchase restricted-use pesticides from a registered dealer.  In addition to questions in the particular specialty, each of the examinations  contains a number of questions on basic pesticide safety and handling.

Additionally, an arborist license is required for persons advertising, soliciting or contracting to do arboriculture (tree care) in Connecticut.

A private applicator certificate must be obtained by a farmer in order to purchase and use restricted-use pesticides on agricultural crops.  Only one certificate per farm is needed.

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