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Forest Practitioner Certification

Forest Management involves several groups of qualified professionals.

Forest Practitioner's Certification that expires in April or May of 2020, now have until May 31, 2020 to complete and submit all required portions of the renewal application.  For more information please see the Order of the Commissioner Concerning Licensure of Commercial Fishermen and Certification of Commercial Forest Practitioners 

In 1991, the Connecticut General Assembly passed the Forest Practices Act. Through this legislation, it was made a matter of law that "no person shall advertise, solicit, contract or engage in commercial forest practices within this state at any time without a certificate" issued by the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection. (CGS Sec. 23-65h, revised 1998). 

The responsibility for issuing forest practitioner certificates, and for managing and enforcing these requirements, has been delegated to the Division of Forestry within DEEP. The Division of Forestry conducts the testing required for certification, enforces the certification rules, conducts investigations into possible violations of these rules, and recommends fines and other punishments for violators.

Through the certification process, the Division of Forestry seeks to:

  • improve the quality of forestry practiced in Connecticut's woodlands;
  • protect private woodland owners from poorly qualified or unscrupulous foresters, loggers or other forest practitioners; and
  • provide a means of assessing the types of forest activities occurring within the state.

There are three levels of certification. To learn more about each level of certification, including to see a list of certified individuals, please select one of the following:

Forester Certification
Supervising Forest Products Harvester Certification
Forest Products Harvester Certification

Directory of Certified Forest Practitioners

Please note - only certified foresters who are qualified by further training are eligible to assist to landowners who are in the process of seeking classification of their lands as "forest land" CGS Sec. 12-107d (aka Public Act 490).

Application for Commercial Forest Practitioner Certification
Instructions and Fee Information

The application form is available in two different formats:
Application Form 
Application Form 

Please note - applicants for forest practitioner certification examination must submit their application and payment only during the application period. If an application for examination is received outside of the application period the application will be returned to the applicant.  Information regarding application periods can be found on the schedule of Forest Practitioner Exams.

Annual Report Forms for Certified Forest Practitioners
Forester Electronic Form
Supervising Forest Products Harvester Form
Forest Products Harvester Form

Forest Practices Study Guide

CEU Tracking Form for Forest Practitioners

List of approved CEU programs currently being offered

Continuing Education Program for Connecticut Certified Forest Practitioners

Connecticut Forest Practices Act (Chapter 451a of the Connecticut General Statutes)

Regulations - Certification of Forest Practitioners

Regulations - Conduct of Forest Practitioners

Best Management Practices for Water Quality while Harvesting Forest Products

Agriculture, Forestry & Wetlands Protection in Connecticut

For more information on the certification program, please contact:

Division of Forestry
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 424-3837

Content last updated April 2020