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Important Information Regarding the Regulations on Movement of Firewood

Self Issued Certificate for Transport of Firewood: Word Form; PDF

Know what you are looking for when you buy firewood. Firewood seems like it should be a relatively easy product to purchase, but problems can occur. Questions can arise with regards to green wood versus dry wood, how the quantity of firewood is measured and types of wood to be used as firewood. Each of these topics is discussed in the following:

Firewood tips
Fuelwood Calculator

Don’t Move Firewood. The Connecticut DEEP Division of Forestry is participating in a national program that seeks to heighten public awareness regarding the environmental dangers of moving firewood over large distances. Many insects and diseases may be carried in seemingly harmless firewood, including such potentially devastating organisms as the Asian longhorned beetle, the emerald ash borer and the fungus that causes Dutch elm disease.

Please visit the "Don’t Move Firewood" website

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Additional Information:

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Firewood Regulations for area states: New York, Maine, New Hampshire

Content last updated October 2019