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Sport License Suspension Guidelines

In accordance with Connecticut General Statute (C.G.S.) 26-61,
  • the payment of a fine,
  • forfeiture of a bond or
  • a plea or judgment of guilty
for fishing, hunting and trapping violations may result in the suspension of all sport fishing, hunting and trapping licenses and privileges.  Both Connecticut General Statutes and Regulations of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and United States Fish and Wildlife Service include a suspension penalty for fish and game violations.
Upon notification of suspension it is required by law to
  • immediately cease all fishing, hunting and trapping activity and
  • surrender all sport licenses within ten (10) business days to the Division of State Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police. 
The opportunity to attend a License Suspension Meeting to request a possible restoration or reinstatement of one or more license privileges is available.  To schedule a meeting contact the EnCon Police at (860) 424-3012. 
In addition, C.G.S. 26-31(g) requires completion of a remedial hunter education course for the safety violations listed below prior to reinstatement of hunting privileges.  Hunting privileges will remain indefinitely suspended and the opportunity to attend the License Suspension Meeting will not be allowed until successful completion of the remedial course. 


  • 26-62:  Hunting related injuries/death to any person, animal other than a wild animal or damage to property of another
  • 26-73:  Hunting on Sunday
  • 26-74:  Use of motor vehicle in hunting
  • 26-91:  Taking of migratory birds –Violations for hunting before or after legal hunting hours
  • 53-204:  Hunting from a public highway
  • 53-205:   Loaded weapon in a motor vehicle
  • 53-206d:  Carrying of firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug
  • 53a-217e:  Negligent Hunting


Behavior and Actions of Hunters

  • 26-66-1:
    (c) Hunting before or after legal hours
    (d) Hunting within 500' of occupied buildings
    (e) Discharging toward people/animals or across public roadways
  • 26-86a-6: Hunting before or after legal hours
View the complete list of fish and game violations that incur suspension and the suspension time periods.  The suspension periods are the minimum penalties for first offenses unless noted otherwise. 

For additional information please contact the Division of State Environmental Conservation Police at (860) 424-3012 or

Content last updated April 17, 2013