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Connecticut State Register and Manual



A Register for the State of Connecticut was first published in book form in New London in  1785 and, although it has changed in both name and content over the years, it has always been a valuable resource and reference tool for anyone interested in the State of Connecticut and its government.  Widely known as the "Blue Book," it is exactly the sort of publication you might expect from the "official record keeper" for the State of Connecticut   --  a treasure house of factual information.  The Secretary of the State's Office is justifiably proud of this publication and has eagerly sought to expand on the book version with this Internet edition of a Connecticut classic.  The Secretary of the State's Office has been in the information business for over 350 years and views the Internet as an opportunity to enhance our ability to provide information about the state to the broadest possible audience.


New Opportunities

As we undertook the project of publishing the Register & Manual on the Internet, we quickly realized that this new medium would present certain obstacles and also provide exciting opportunities.  Such a large volume of information presented "electronically" makes it difficult to find the specific piece of information that a user might be searching for.  However, it also provides the opportunity to "link" sections of the book to other related websites, making it easier for the user to find his or her way through the often complex structure of government.


How it Works

For those of you who are familiar with the book, the contents of the internet edition follow the same organizational plan and when viewing the Table of Contents, the user can simple click on the section title, which will link to a matrix of hyperlinks that follow the organization of that section.  We have attempted to provide a logical system of links that will assist users in finding the answers to their questions.



To expand the usefulness of the information found in the Register & Manual, we have also constructed hyperlinks to as many other government websites as possible.  In other words, if you were to look in Section IV,  State Government - Executive and Administrative, you would find a list of executive branch offices and agencies.  The names of the office and agencies are also hyperlinks to a summary of information about that department of government.  In addition, you will likely find a hyperlink to that office or agency's own website.  We have chosen to describe this site as the "Interactive" Register & Manual because it allows users to move freely through the various internet offerings provided by a broad cross section of government departments.  Other "pages" within the site work similarly and it is our intention to continue the development of hyperlinks to other sites throughout government at the local, state and national levels.  Beyond that, we intend to link to important cultural and educational sites in Connecticut as well.


Construction Continues

Our task is not complete and work is continuing.  As we proceed, we welcome any comments and suggestions.  It is our hope that this site can be a key to increase knowledge, enhance awareness, and above all improve our understanding of our government.  Please take a moment to browse the Table of Contents and familiarize yourself with the Interactive Connecticut State Register & Manual.