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Annual Statistical Reports for Births, Deaths, Fetal Deaths, and Marriages (1992-current)

Each year, the Department of Public Health publishes a vital statistics report, also known as the Connecticut Registration Report, tabulating the number of births deaths, fetal deaths, and marriages that occurred in Connecticut or to residents of Connecticut.  The information in this report comes from the statewide registries of births, marriages, deaths and fetal deaths maintained by the State Vital Records Office. The report provides counts of events by state, county, health district, and town as well as a variety of other birth and death statistics.


Genealogical Research

If you are a current member of a genealogical society that is incorporated or authorized to do business or conduct affairs in Connecticut, you are entitled to access all vital records except confidential files related to adoption, paternity, surrogacy agreements, and sex amendments related to gender re-assignment (see the current list of incorporated genealogical societies on the CT State Library Website). Also note that genealogists may not access the social security numbers on vital records consistent with federal law.  If you would like to do genealogical research contact the town vital records office to schedule an appointment or the State Vital Records Office at (860) 509-7955.  The vital records registry maintained by the State only contains records from 1897 to the present.  For older records, you will need to contact the local vital records office or the Connecticut State Library.


Vital Records Data for Medical and Scientific Research Studies

The Department of Public Health may release vital records data to individuals and organizations, in accordance with Connecticut General Statute section 19a-25 and sections 19a-25-1 through 19a-25-4 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. The individual or organization requesting the vital records data must indicate that the data will be used for medical or scientific research, or that the requested data is not confidential or subject to any restrictions.


Requests may be made for aggregate or identifiable data. Aggregate data means data that is obtained by combining like data in a manner that excludes the identification of the individual described in the data. Identifiable data means any item, collection, or grouping of data that makes the individual or organization supplying it, or described in it, identifiable.  Data elements that cannot be released per state statute will not be included in requests for identifiable data. 


Birth Data

Birth data will only be provided in aggregate tabulations. In Connecticut, birth records are confidential and made available to a few eligible parties. Any requests made for identifiable birth data must be approved by the Department of Public Health Human Investigations Committee. Note that social security numbers contained in birth records cannot be released to any party, except for state and federal agencies authorized by federal law.  If you are interested in obtaining identifiable birth data for research purposes please visit the Human Investigations Committee web site for guidance.


Death and Marriage Data

Death and marriage data are available in aggregate or as identifiable records. Note that social security numbers contained in death and marriage records cannot be released to any party, except for state and federal agencies authorized by federal law.


Requesting Data

If you are interested in obtaining data, please complete Vital Records Data Request Form and submit it to  The Data Request Form requests the following information:


  • Name, address, telephone number, email
  • Purpose of the request or a description of how the data will be used
  • Data that you are requesting, including years and exact data elements
  • Preferred format for the data file (Excel, CSV, other)
  • Preferred method for receiving the data file (email, USPS, pickup)

Once your request is reviewed by DPH, you will be contacted with the fee for the request.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Payments must be made by money order or corporate check.  Enclose a copy of the Data Request Form with payment and mail to:


Vital Records Data Requests
CT Department of Public Health 
410 Capitol Avenue 
P.O. Box 340308 
Hartford, CT  06134-0308



There is fee for all data requests handled by the Office of Vital Records.  You must pay for your order before receiving the data with a money order made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”. Upon receipt of payment, the analyst will send you the data files.


  • The processing fee is $50 per hour. Upon receipt of your request, an analyst will calculate an estimated processing fee based on an estimate of the time needed to process your request.  The estimated fee will be communicated via the contact email listed in your request. 
  • Once your request has been processed, the analyst will notify you with the final fee which may be more or less than the estimated fee.




The State Vital Records Office at the Connecticut Department of Public Health is responsible for the dissemination of this information. For more information about vital statistics and data requests, please contact us at (860) 509-7658.


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