What is Recovery?

Word cloud of recovery in a heart shape

Recovery is what people experience themselves as they become empowered to achieve a meaningful life and a positive sense of belonging in their community (DMHAS, 2002). It is a non-linear process of development and growth.

  • Recovery emerges from hope
  • Recovery is person-driven
  • Recovery occurs via many pathways
  • Recovery is holistic
  • Recovery is supported by peers and allies
  • Recovery is supported through relationships and social networks
  • Recovery is culturally-based and influenced
  • Recovery is supported by addressing trauma
  • Recovery involves individual, family, and community strengths and responsibility
  • Recovery is based on respect (Yale PRCH - Tondora, O’Connell, Miller, Guy, Bellamy & Davidson, 2006; www.samhsa.gov/recovery).

Recovery-oriented care is the overarching framework that guides everything we do at DMHAS.The Department strives to build a community of care that is respectful of an individual/family’s worldview, culture, and beliefs, and supports the individual/family’s overall health and wellness.

DMHAS offers a range of formal services and supports to help individuals along in their recovery. Services include:

In addition, DMHAS provides resources and support to community organizations to support individuals in recovery including:

In February 2020, DMHAS launched "DMHAS Recovery Corner", regularly published infobriefs highlighting the agency's work in recovery:

The DMHAS Office of Recovery Community Affairs acts as a liaison to people in recovery, their families, friends, and other allies, grassroots and statewide recovery organizations.