Transitional Services

Criminal Justice Interagency Program

Contact:  Colette Orszulak, MPH, BSN, 
phone 860-262-6296; fax 860-262-5841;

The Criminal Justice Interagency Program promotes recovery and re-integration for people with severe psychiatric disabilities, who are transitioning from state correctional facilities to the community, through a comprehensive referral program.  Individuals are referred to the program 3-6 months prior to their release from the DOC and meet with a representative from the appropriate Local Mental Health Authority to arrange for services in the community. This program also facilitates communication among DMHAS, DOC, the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch, Probation, and Parole to resolve system issues and coordinate care.

Connecticut Offender Reentry Program (CORP)

Contact:  Colette Orszulak, MPH, BSN, 
phone 860-262-6296; fax 860-262-5841;

CORP provides services for offenders with mental illness, returning to the Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwich/New London, Waterbury, and New Britain/Bristol communities after an extended period of incarceration.  CORP serves men and women with severe psychiatric disabilities with or without a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.  The emphasis is on developing skill and structure needed for successful reentry and also on reducing recidivism by identifying and intervening in those areas most in need.  The CORP program extends culturally appropriate intensive case management, integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment services, and linkages for men and women to their community.  Prior to discharge from DOC, staff provide comprehensive pre-release assessment and skills building program including the development of a community support network. After discharge, continuing services are provided through the Local Mental Health Authorities in those communities. CORP significantly reduces recidivism for arrest among participants.

Transitional Case Management

Contact:  Colette Orszulak, MPH, BSN, 
phone 860-262-6296; fax 860-262-5841;

DMHAS, in partnership with DOC, established the transitional case management program for male inmates with significant histories of substance abuse who are discharging to Hartford, Norwich/New London, New Britain/Bristol and Waterbury. The program includes: pre-release development of a recovery-oriented reentry plan by the community case manager, DOC counselor, and the individual; and transitional case management by the community case manager to  implement the plan; and post-release substance abuse treatment, community support/encouragement, transitional housing and employment. Download Brochure on Transitional Case Management.

Conditional Release Service Unit (CRSU)

Contact: Barbara Richard, LCSW, 
phone 860-262-5830; fax 860-262-5841;

CRSU provides oversight, consultation, and training to community agencies that provide temporary leave and conditional release services to individuals committed to the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB). Additionally, the unit serves as a link between DMHAS, Local Mental Health Authorities, state funded agencies and the PSRB to enhance the coordination of services, the monitoring of persons on conditional release, and reporting to the PSRB.

The DMHAS-Conditional Release Service Unit functions include: 

  • Monitoring the delivery of services to persons on conditional release in the community
  • Coordinating with Connecticut Valley Hospital and community agencies regarding temporary leave plans
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant statutes and regulations
  • Providing reports and testimony to the PSRB, as needed
  • Coordinating with the Office of Forensic Evaluations to ensure timely completion of six month reports to the PSRB, as per state statute