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COMPASS - Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance Program

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This program was created to assist Connecticut businesses and industries in complying with hazardous waste management requirements by developing and implementing outreach education programs which provide information and offer site specific assistance.

COMPASS has four main components:

  1. A Toll-Free Compliance Assistance Line (888) 424-4193 - Anyone may call the COMPASS line to ask questions about Connecticut’s hazardous waste requirements, to receive compliance assistance information, or to request consultative services.  The COMPASS line is operated by knowledgeable staff from DEEP’s Hazardous Waste Program. Callers on this line may remain anonymous if they wish, and will not be targeted for inspection.

  2. Compliance Assistance Information - DEEP's Hazardous Waste Program offers guidance documents and sponsors training conferences and seminars for hazardous waste handlers in Connecticut. In addition, a COMPASS handbook is available which contains information on obtaining additional guidance documents and services. 

  3. Consultative Services - DEEP's Hazardous Waste Program offers free consultative services in the form of site-specific conferences focusing on hazardous waste regulations applicable to the facility and its operations. CT DEEP also offers on-site voluntary compliance audits.  See below for more information on these consultative services:

    Guidelines for Performing a RCRA Compliance Assistance Audit for RCRA Generators .  This document explains the process that DEEP follows when providing a free compliance audit.

    DEEP PowerPoint Presentation  This presentation explains the audit process, including who is eligible for an audit, how to arrange an audit, and what the audit experience is like.

    Presentation by Dymax Corporation concerning their compliance audit

    Presentation by Hoya Lens concerning their compliance audit

  4. Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee – The State Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee was established to help guide the implementation of recommendations outlined in the external systems analysis report.  The Committee also holds regular meetings about three time a year to discuss issues of interest to hazardous waste handlers in Connecticut.  Many of these meetings also include free hazardous waste training.

Additional Compliance Assistance Information

Content Last Updated March 5, 2020