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Hunting and Trapping Information

New procedures for Pelt Tagging have been established for the 2019-2020 trapping season that are consistent with our "Stay Safe, Stay Home" policy.

At this time, DEEP offices are closed to the public, as well as town halls and many retail agents. Sportsmen and women are able to purchase licenses, permits, and stamps online 24/7 through Connecticut's Online Sportsmen Licensing System. If you do not have a way to print your license after purchase, you can display your license on a mobile device (be sure to have it with you while out in the field).

New regulations are in effect for the 2020 hunting season.

Hunting and Trapping News and Notices

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2020 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide

Find links to the different sections of the 2020 Guide. Please note that there are several new regulation changes for the 2020 seasons that are not included in the printed version of the guide.

2020 Season Summary (from the 2020 Guide)

Pheasant Hunting

Private Land Consent Form

2020 Deer/Turkey Harvest Tags   |   Tagging and Reporting Deer/Turkeys

Replacement Tag Deer Check Stations

Online Hunter Reporting -- (for Permit-Required Areas, Small Game, and Coyote/Fox)

Sunrise/Sunset Table

2020 Public Hunting Area List (from 2020 Guide)

Public Hunting Area Maps and Information

Shooting Ranges

Field Trials and Dog Training   |   Field Trial Dates

2020 Deer Lottery: Select lottery permits not purchased by February 29 will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting March 15. Unsold lottery permits can be purchased online until sold out or the season ends. All unsold lottery permits must be purchased at the end of the transaction. (Instructions for purchasing unsold lottery permits) It is recommended that when applying for the deer lottery through the online licensing system, use a desktop computer or switch to the desktop view on your mobile device. (More details on the Deer Lottery)

Snapping Turtle Regulations

2019-2020 Migratory Bird Hunting Guide

Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations

ATTENTION MIGRATORY BIRD HUNTERS: Waterfowl hunting will be temporarily closed through May 31, 2020, in the area of Calf Pasture Beach, Taylor Farm Park, and Veterans Park in Norwalk. This temporary closure shall apply from a distance 250 feet into Long Island Sound perpendicular to the shoreline, beginning at the easterly boundary of Taylor Farm Park and extending to the westerly boundary of Calf Pasture Beach, and include the Norwalk River from the Washington Street Bridge to a line extending from the westerly boundary of Calf Pasture Beach to the easterly terminus of Neptune Avenue.


Hunting and Trapping News and Notices

NEW! Deer Harvest Summary by Connecticut town for the 2019 fall seasons and January 2020

Snapping Turtle Regulations

Registered Hunting and Fishing Guide List

Outdoor Safety Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting

Game Bird Harvest Tags

Advanced Hunter Education

Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge (federal land): Hunting and fishing information for the Conte NWR, including a printable permission slip for hunters to print and carry with them when hunting on Refuge lands, can be found at (This information is not included in the 2020 CT Hunting and Trapping Guide.)

Thank a Landowner!

Private landowners create recreational opportunities by granting outdoor users access to their property. This access is a privilege, so please remember to take time every year to extend your appreciation to private landowners who offered you access for fishing, hunting, hiking, or wildlife watching opportunities on their properties. If you have been recreating on local land trust or other private non-profit conservation lands, be sure to include those groups on your thank you list as well. Following are some suggestions for hunters, anglers, and other outdoor users when thanking private property owners who allow access for outdoor recreation:

  • Express your appreciation thoughtfully and personally. If you are mentoring a new or junior hunter, angler, birder, or naturalist, include him or her in the process of thanking the landowner.
  • Consider providing the landowner with some of your fish or game harvest, or share images or a list of the wildlife you saw on their property.
  • Send a personal note or card thanking the landowner for the opportunity to use his or her land. Consider giving a small gift, such as a gift certificate, gift basket, or a subscription to Connecticut Wildlife magazine. In the case of a non-profit landowner, make a donation to their organization.
  • Offer to help with tasks around the property, or identify, clean up, and properly dispose of any illegal dumping that has occurred.
  • Document and report suspicious or illegal activities on the property to the DEEP Environmental Conservation Police at 860-424-3333 (24 hours) or

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration logo and tagline.

Content last updated on April 24, 2020.