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Glastonbury Public Shooting Range

In an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19, the Glastonbury Range will remain CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. This page will be updated when the opening date is determined. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and support. 

Glastonbury shooting range

The Glastonbury Shooting Range is located in the Meshomasic State Forest in Glastonbury and has been in operation since 1980.

Federal funding for site improvements, range equipment and seasonal staffing is provided through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program, commonly referred to as the Pittman-Robertson Act. Connecticut receives a special allocation of federal funding that can be used for the construction, operation, maintenance and enhancement of public target and shooting ranges.

Reservations and Information
No fees are required. Ammunition, firearms, eye and ear protection, and targets are not provided. By making a reservation for and/or using the Glastonbury Public Shooting Range, you agree to observe the following rules and directions:
  • ALL FIREARMS brought onto the Range MUST be empty of ammunition, with magazines removed, and must be properly stored inside a purpose-designed soft or hard gun case. It is not sufficient to have the firearm wrapped in a towel or blanket. Range Safety Officers on duty will monitor the parking area as people exit their vehicles to ensure 100% compliance with this mandatory requirement. Individuals unable to meet this requirement will not be permitted on the range.
  • General firearms reservation time slots are 90 minutes in length and scheduled as follows: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM, and 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM. A 15-minute break will occur between each shooting session. Halfway through each session will be a planned cease fire for target change.
  • All individuals with a reservation must arrive and check in NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SHOOTING SESSION. If your reservation is for 10:00 AM, you must check in by 9:45 AM. If your reservation is for 11:45 AM, you must check in by 11:30 AM. If your reservation is for 1:30 PM, you must check in by 1:15 PM. In order to maximize range use and accommodate as many guests as possible, walk-ins will be assigned to benches within 15 minutes of start time. If you have a reservation, YOU MUST SHOW UP 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SESSION START TIME to be assured of having a bench.
  • Reservations should be obtained through the Online Sportsmen Licensing System for shooters 18 and older. The individual requesting the reservation must have a CT Conservation ID number in order to access the online system. You can do this by going to the Online Sportsmen Licensing System. You will then be prompted to enter your information. Once you have logged in, you must select the "Other" section on the top menu bar. Select "Add" next to the Glastonbury Range product. You will then need to choose the date and time of your desired reservation and select "Add." If there is not an "Add" button next to the time frame, then it has been filled.  Make sure you select "Next" after adding the product and "Submit" to confirm your reservation.  If you do not submit the order, the reservation will be canceled. The reservation will show up on your license/receipt as a confirmation, which you can print and bring with you. Individuals securing an online reservation may bring up to two guests on the date of their reservation. Online reservations will be available every Monday starting at 12:01 AM.
  • Reservations are no longer being accepted through the Range Email.  
  • If you are unable to make a reservation online, requests can be made one week in advance by calling the Range Reservation line at 860-424-3737. If making a reservation by phone, you must provide your full name, daytime contact information, town of residence, the specific day and range time period, and the names and town of residence of your guests. All requests will be confirmed by a call back from staff within 2-3 business days. Requests with incomplete information will not be accepted.
  • Due to high demand, individual shooters will be limited to 1 reservation per weekend and 2 reservations per month, unless using the range as a guest or on a walk-in basis.
  • Shooters will be required to show proof of firearms training, such as a Conservation/Education Firearms Safety certificate or equivalent, valid firearms hunting license, valid pistol permit, police credentials, or military identification. Those who cannot produce such qualifications must be directly supervised by a qualified person at all times.
  • Ten covered shooting positions are available. A maximum of 3 shooters per bench will be permitted.
  • The range may be closed without notice in the event of inclement weather (thunder and lightning in close proximity as determined by the Range Safety Officers).
What to Bring:
  • Proof of firearms training (Conservation/Education Firearms Safety certificate or equivalent, valid firearms hunting license, valid pistol permit, police credentials, military identification)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Paper targets
  • Tape, stapler, or tacks to attach target to cardboard backing
  • Ammunition
  • Spotting scope or binoculars
Driving Directions to the Range:

From Rte. 2 Eastbound, take Exit 10 (Rte. 83 Manchester/E. Glastonbury), right at end of exit to stop sign. Take left onto New London Turnpike crossing over highway to Wassuc Road. Wassuc Road becomes Toll Gate Road. Stay straight on Toll Gate to end at gate and entrance to range. Gate is open only during public hours.

From Rte. 2 Westbound, take Exit 11 (Thompson Street/Wassuc Road), right at end of exit to gate/entrance.

Range Rules:

The range officers are the authorized officials in command of all functions and activities on the range while in use. They are the authority concerning all matters involving range operation and safety. Participants must heed all range commands without hesitation or risk expulsion from the site. The range is not open unless a Range Officer is present. Range Officers cannot provide detailed shooting instruction.

  • All shooters desiring to use the range must sign the registration book and shooter agreement with the range officer.
  • Shooters will be required to show proof of firearms training such as a Conservation/Education Firearms Safety certificate or equivalent, valid firearms hunting license, valid pistol permit, police credentials, or military identification. Those who cannot produce such qualifications must be directly supervised at all times by a person with a valid firearms safety training credential listed above.
  • Shooters using handguns must present a valid, current pistol permit.
  • All firearms must be fired from a rest or shoulder position. Hip shooting or hot holster draw are not permitted.
  • All firearms not in active use on the shooting line must be unloaded with the action open, magazine removed, chamber empty, and muzzle pointed downrange. Do not remove firearms from their case until instructed to do so.
  • Any adjustments to a firearm (i.e. scope adjustment during sighting in) must only be performed on a firearm in a “safe” condition – action open, magazine removed, chamber empty, and muzzle pointed downrange.
  • Firearms deemed by the range officer to be unsafe will not be allowed to be used on the range.
  • NO firearms of any kind capable of fully automatic fire (i.e., "machine gun") are permitted on the range.
  • All participants on the shooting line must wear adequate eye and hearing protection at all times.
  • Possession and use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances (drugs) by any person on the range premises is not permitted. People whose behavior or demeanor indicate they are or may be under the influence of a mind-altering substance are not permitted on the premises.
  • All individuals at the range under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an individual 18 years or older.
  • No one is permitted to load any firearm until in position on the firing line and then only after the range is determined to be clear and safe to do so, and WHEN DIRECTED BY THE RANGE SAFETY OFFICER.
  • Shooters may not handle their firearms in any manner during the "Cease Fire" command. Shooting will be done only from the assigned shooting position. The range officer will do the assignment.
  • The muzzle of all firearms must be controlled under all circumstances and must be pointed down range at all times. Fingers must be off trigger until ready to shoot.   
  • Shooting will be permitted at standard paper targets only. Clay targets are not allowed. Shooting at bottles, steel targets, exploding targets, pyrotechnic devices, etc. is prohibited.
  • All targets will be secured on standard DEEP target frames set downrange.
  • Uncontrolled rapid fire of any firearms is not permitted. The controlled shooting rate must not exceed 6 rounds per 10 seconds.
  • Cross-firing at target frames, not directly in front of the shooter, is not permitted.
  • No unauthorized vehicles may be driven in the range area. All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas.
  • Loud, vulgar, or otherwise offensive language is not permitted at the range.
  • All shooters must pick up spent cartridge casings and carry out all of their own trash.
  • There shall be no smoking, eating, or drinking of beverages on, or immediately near, the firing line.
  • A maximum of three (3) shooters will be permitted at each bench.

Content last updated on April 15, 2020.