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Mobile Sources

Mobile sources are any vehicle or equipment, including automobiles, aircraft, locomotives, watercraft, construction equipment, lawnmowers, and many others that operate in Connecticut and generate emissions. Mobile source air pollution accounts for a majority of all man-made pollution emitted in the state and in the northeast. Check out the Mobile Source Basics page to learn more about what mobile sources are, and why they are regulated!

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VW Settlement

VW car steering wheel

The VW Settlement provides an opportunity for funding specific diesel emissions reduction projects. Information about our VW Settlement grant programs is available along with other resources to keep you up to date.



When buying an electric vehicle, CHEAPR puts money back in your pocket with incentives of up to $5,000 for Connecticut residents who purchase a new eligible battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or fuel cell electric vehicle!

DERA Grants

yellow school bus

Learn about funding opportunities for diesel emissions reduction projects under the state DERA program. CT's multi-faceted reduction strategy includes construction equipment, freight movement, school buses, and more!


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Thinking about an electric vehicle and have some questions? EVConnecticut explains how you can save money on your next electric vehicle purchase, shows you where and how you can charge your car, answers basic questions about EVs and much more!

Emissions Testing

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CT's emissions testing program is one of the state's most effective ways of improving air quality by identifying vehicles emitting pollution above emission standards and requiring that they be repaired.


Idling is Fuelish bumper Sticker

Reducing emissions from idling engines is one of the most important air-quality issues in CT. Take a ride with Casey so you can reduce air pollution when driving your car and find out why "No Idling" is the law!

Mobile Source Basics

Cars on highway

Mobile sources account for a significant portion of all air pollution emitted in CT which affects human health and the environment. Learn the basics about mobile sources, how they are fueled, and their impact in CT.

Clean Cars

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Clean cars are critical to achieving CT's climate change goals. The Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program requires that all new vehicles sold in CT meet strict California emission standards. In addition, by following a few simple tips, you can drive greener!

Heavy Duty Vehicles

Row of Large Freight Trucks

Heavy duty vehicles are critical to Connecticut’s economy but they consume large amounts of fossil fuels. These vehicles can be operated more efficiently. DEEP is also a proud supporter of EPA's SmartWay program.


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Content last updated February 28, 2020