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Air Compliance Assurance

A variety of air quality compliance assurance tools are available to ensure that the operation of sources of air pollution and related activities take into account protection of air quality. DEEP's Bureau of Air Management source monitoring, inspection, report review, and enforcement staff all work to protect the quality of the air by furthering the goals of Connecticut's Abatement of Air Pollution Regulations.


Training & Education

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Access air compliance guidance materials, presentations, training modules, webinars, and workshops updated as new information and training opportunities become available.


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Access various compliance reporting forms which provide systematic communication between DEEP and the regulated community.

EMIT, DEEP's e-Reporting tool, is also available for use.


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Learn about informal and formal enforcement actions which include notice of violations, consent orders, unilateral orders, and Attorney General referrals.

Other Programs

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Learn about emission sources such as idling motor vehicles, open burning, outdoor wood burning furnaces (OWFs), gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) and more.



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View answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding all aspects of air compliance assurance.



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Do you have a compliance related or technical question regarding air permitting?

Call the Compliance Contact or Engineer of the Day at (860) 424-4152.

Would you like to file a complaint about odors or an air pollution source?

Call the Air Complaint Line at (860) 424-3436 or email


Content last updated: January 30, 2020