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  • About Research and Publications

    Find economic and housing data, state and town demographics, research reports and strategic documents and other information.

  • Agency Annual Reports

    Access current annual reports for the Department of Economic and Community Development.

  • Census Data

    Access employment figures, population data, education information and housing statistics from the Connecticut Census broken down by state, county, town and congressional districts.

  • Connecticut Population Information

    Provides population estimates for Connecticut's counties and towns, calculated for July 1 of each year and released by October of the following year.

  • Connecticut Town Profiles

    View current demographic and economic information for each of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities.

  • Construction Report

    View recent construction reports for new housing production and permits.

  • Distressed Municipalities

    Find updated statistics used to identify and assist Connecticut’s most economically challenged municipalities.

  • Economic Development Strategy Plans

    Review current and recent economic development strategy documents for the State of Connecticut.

  • Economic Digest Issues

    Access a library of the Connecticut Economic Digest, a comprehensive source for the most current, up-to-date data on the workforce and economy of Connecticut.

  • Housing & Income Data

    Highlights of current data for Connecticut housing, exports and income are provided here.

  • Other Reports

    View miscellaneous documents, reports and presentations published by the Department of Economic and Community Development

  • Research & Publications