Order a Plaque


If you own a property listed on the State or National Register of Historic Places, you may purchase a plaque for display. There are different plaques for each of these designations:

  • property listed on the State Register (individually or as part of a district); property individually listed on the National Register; and
  • property that contributes to a National Register historic district. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) will choose which plaque your property receives based on its historic designation.

Each plaque is made of aluminum with predrilled holes for exterior mounting and measures approximately four by seven inches.

Note: SHPO does not offer directional signage for entering and exiting historic districts.

What's Next

  1. Write a check written to Treasurer, State of Connecticut for $50.00. (The plaques are subsidized by SHPO. This fee covers a portion of the cost of manufacturing.)
  2. Include the following information with your check:
    • your name;
    • address of the property you are requesting the plaque for;
    • mailing address to send the plaque;
    • email (optional – if you would like notification when the plaque has been shipped)
  3. Send to:
    Jenny Scofield
    National Register Coordinator State Historic Preservation Office
    450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5
    Hartford, CT 06103

*Please allow approximately four weeks for delivery.


Jenny Scofield, jenny.scofield@ct.gov.