Archaeological Permits


The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is committed to protecting and conserving the significant archaeological resources that are located on state lands, state-controlled waters and within designated State Archaeological Preserves.

Preservation of these resources requires permits for archaeological investigations, construction and demolition activities, and other actions that affect significant archaeological or sacred sites.

How to Apply for Permits

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statute §10-386, no person may conduct an archaeological investigation on state lands or on a state archaeological preserve without a permit from the State Historic Preservation Office. Permits must be submitted to our office in writing and should include information about the location and purpose of the proposed investigation, the methods to be employed, an approximate schedule for completion, evidence that the fieldwork supervisor is qualified to complete the work, and a plan for permanent curation of recovered materials and relevant documentation. The applicant is responsible for securing permission for the proposed investigations from the property owner or managing state agency. In addition to access, the applicant also is responsible for obtaining any other permits required by the managing agency. In particular, if the proposed investigation includes ground disturbing activities on property managed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the applicant must contact the Land Acquisition and Management Unit to request a Special Use Permit. All permits will be valid for a maximum of 12 months and apply only to the state land or State Archaeological Preserve specifically identified in the permit request application.


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