Culture & Tourism Advisory Committee


The Culture and Tourism Advisory Committee advises the Department of Economic and Community Development’s offices of Arts, Tourism and Preservation on matters pertaining to arts and cultural activities, preservation and tourism business and initiatives in Connecticut.


  • Understand the mission of the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA), the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Office of Tourism in the Department of Economic and Community Development.
  • Advance key arts, preservation and tourism issues with elected officials and strengthen the network of Connecticut arts and cultural supporters.
  • Attend local events – (e.g. arts and cultural gatherings and nonprofit events & meetings) as a representative of the COA, SHPO and Tourism Office and distribute materials and share information about the offices opportunities as appropriate.
  • Provide information to the COA, SHPO and Tourism staff regarding worthy local nonprofit organizations and the work they are doing. Communicate innovations and successes that might be encouraged and duplicated by DECD arts and cultural offices.
  • Be a source of information regarding potential funders, partners/collaborators including leadership givers, corporate supporters, and foundations or grants as well as potential committee or council members.
  • Assist with COA, SHPO and Tourism events including statewide gathering and cultivation events.
  • Connect the COA, SHPO and Tourism staff to the issues, challenges and opportunities that are unique to the community in which you live.

Meet the Members