Request a Fetal Death or Stillbirth Certificate

Fetal death certificates are not open to the general public. You must be eligible to receive a certified copy of a fetal death certificate. You are eligible if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are the parent or the grandparent
  • You are an attorney-at-law representing the parent
  • You are a member of an incorporated genealogical society authorized to conduct business in the State of Connecticut


If you are requesting a fetal death certificate and you are not a parent named on the certificate, you will need to submit proof verifying that you are eligible to obtain the fetal death certificate. 


Checklist for Obtaining a Certified Copy of a Fetal Death Certificate

☐  Make sure that you are eligible to obtain the fetal death certificate

☐  Complete the application

☐  Include your photo ID

☐  Provide documentation proving that you are entitled to obtain the fetal death

Certificate (applicable if the requester is not the parent listed on the fetal death


☐  Include the applicable fee


What is a Certificate of Stillbirth?

A Certificate of Stillbirth is a document issued by the State Vital Records Office only. It may be issued at the request of a parent of a stillborn fetus that reached at least twenty weeks gestation and died before birth. It is a commemorative document acknowledging the stillbirth. The certificate records the name of the stillborn child, the date and place of the delivery, and the parents’ names.  It is also imprinted with the official state seal.  The document cannot be used to prove identity, or for any other legal purpose.




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