Connecticut's Electronic Death Registration System


What is CT-Vitals?

CT-Vitals is a secure, web-based electronic death registration system which will allow death data providers (funeral directors, medical certifiers, and local registrars) to electronically create, edit, and sign death certificates.

CT-Vitals will:

  • reduce the time it takes to report deaths
  • allow for an electronic workflow between the various data providers
  • improve disease tracking and reporting for public health surveillance and research
  • minimize errors with online edits
  • deliver real-time SSN verification with the Social Security Administration
  • allow funeral directors to order death certificates online
  • create an automated cremation authorization workflow

CT-Vitals Roll Out Process

CT-Vitals will be used to electronically file Connecticut deaths beginning July 2020. Training sessions for all user roles will take place Spring 2020. A pilot of CT-Vitals will begin January-February 2020 in the city of New London. 

How to Become a CT-Vitals User

In order to become a CT-Vitals user, you must attend an in-person training session and complete a User Request Form. Online training videos are also available to be viewed at anytime below.

Online Training Videos


Role-Specific Starting a Record


Drop to Paper

Ordering Workflow

Role-Specific Workflows

Funeral Directors


Starting a Record

Requesting an Amendment

Dropping a Record to Paper

Ordering Permits and Certificates

Cremation Workflow


Making a Trade Call

Medical Certifiers

Starting a Record



Medical Examiner

Starting a Record


Pending COD Change


Approving a Cremation


Taking Over a Case

Local Registrars


Approving an Amendment


Issuing a Record

­Batch Printing

Other Resources:



For more information about specific user roles:  

Funeral Directors/Embalmers  Medical Certifiers/Medical Examiner  Local Registrars

For questions regarding CT-Vitals, contact us at (860) 509-7978.