Connecticut Valley Hospital - Divisions

The hospital is organized in two Divisions:  General Psychiatry and Addiction Services. Each has an allocation of human resources, contracts for specialized services, capital projects, and certain operational expenses to administer.

General Psychiatry Division
P.O. Box 351, Middletown, CT  06457
PH:  860-262-5529  FAX:  860-262-5528
Admissions:  860-262-5515

Addiction Services Division
Merritt Hall
P.O. Box 351, Middletown, CT  06457
PH:  860-262-6333  FAX:  860-262-6309
Admissions:  800-828-3396
Blue Hills Hospital, Hartford Campus
500 Vine Street, Hartford, CT 06112
PH: 860-293-6400 FAX: 860-293-6470
Mobile Crisis: 860-297-0999

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