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  • Announcement for New Pistol Permit Applicants Only - 5/26/2021
  • Effective June 15, 2020, DESPP-HQ Fingerprint Identification Unit will re-open for in person fingerprinting requestsby appointment only. - 6/5/2020
  • Effective June 15, 2020, DESPP-HQ Reports and Records will re-open for in person requestsby appointment only. For information or to schedule your appointment please click HERE - 6/5/2020
  • At this time, pistol permit renewals will continue to be done by mail only.
  • Fingerprinting Limitations and License Expiration/Renewal extensions; view documentHERE- 4/30/2020
  • Suspension of requirements for unarmed security guards from other states; view documentHERE- 4/30/2020
  • Still regular business hours for Sex Offender Registry and Deadly Weapons Offender Registry- 4/30/2020
  • No service for guard cards (see Governor Lamont’s Executive Order changes to licensing requirements HERE )- 4/30/2020
  • Individuals will be asked to wait outside until called into the building- 4/30/2020

Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
November 25, 2009



Connecticut State Police remind state residents to ensure that programmed emergency telephone numbers are changed to include proper area codes.

Since November 14, callers have been required to dial area codes with every phone call they make, even if it is just to a neighbor next door.  Dialing a minimum of 10 digits is now mandatory with each phone call.  At least one new area code is expected to be introduced to the state next month.

Many residents have contact numbers programmed into their home telephones and/or their cell phones.  These numbers will need to be re-programmed to include the area codes to ensure that the calls go through as dialed, without the interruption of a recording.

“Many programmed phone numbers are considered emergency numbers. In the event of an emergency, callers will want to reach their contacts immediately, without hearing a recording about dialing the area code,” noted Colonel Thomas Davoren, Commanding Officer of the Connecticut State Police. “This includes security systems and lifesaving systems.”

The State Police urge all residents to review pre-programmed phone numbers on their home and cell phones, as well as other phone systems, starting with their emergency contacts. This will ensure that the calls go through and the telephone service will be free of recordings.

The area code requirement does not apply to the three-digit 911.  In all emergencies, residents should still call 9-1-1.