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"Welcome to the Council on Environmental Quality. On behalf of the Council, I encourage everyone to engage with the Council as we work together to improve and protect Connecticut's natural environment." - Susan Merrow, 2019 

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The primary goal of the Division of Safety Services, Safety Education and Training Unit (DSS/SETU) is to provide centrally and locally located cost effective and efficient clinical and occupational safety education and training for DMHAS employees.  Courses meet internal and external regulatory, grant, accrediting, contractual, law and policy-making bodies for providing services to adults with behavioral healthcare disorders. 

These required courses are designed to reduce the rate and severity of employee workplace and consumer injuries related to the care, treatment or detainment of people with behavioral healthcare disorders.  Course content is consistent with trauma informed and recovery oriented care and treatment principles.

The DSS/SETU also serves as the DMHAS content and instructional resource for coordinating training for CT’s state and municipal recruit and certified officers and emergency first responders at the Meriden Police Academy. These courses are designed to teach police and emergency first responders how to recognize symptoms of distress in people with behavioral healthcare disorders, how to determine appropriate responses and how to intervene in emergency and non-emergency situations to elicit cooperation.  Courses are consistent with DMHAS goals and the CMHS Block Grant.

The DSS/SETU accomplishes its mission with a staff of administrative and instructional employees with clinical, occupational and instructional expertise in adult behavioral healthcare and law enforcement settings. Course content meets compliance standards and is consistent with nationally recognized best practice training standards as described in related clinical, occupational safety and law enforcement literature. 

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