April 3, 2019


Bryan P. Hurlburt, Commissioner

It is an honor to have been nominated by Governor Lamont to serve as the next Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture, and to serve you, the state’s farming families, in this role. 

For years, I have been discussing the essential roles agriculture plays in Connecticut.  Its nearly 6,000 farms employ more than 21,000 people, represent 440,000 acres of scenic lands, and contribute $4 billion to the state’s economy. The Department of Agriculture plays a vital role in supporting this industry, and I am eager to use agency’s tools to help strengthen and grow agriculture further.

Over the course of my career, I have had different roles within this industry.  As a state representative, I worked to open new markets and streamline statutes to promote agriculture. 

At the USDA Farm Service Agency, I oversaw federal programs that support farm operations, including risk management, low-interest direct and guaranteed loans, and direct-farm support programs. 

While directing the CT Farm Bureau, I worked on the protection of current agricultural programs, the creation of a legal hemp program, and the streamlining of laws around on-farm agri-tourism operations. 

In all of these roles, I have been able to visit many farms, understand the industry’s challenges, and seek out ways to strengthen Connecticut’s agricultural economy.

This new role as commissioner will draw from all of that previous work and promises to be another exciting position in which I can serve Connecticut’s agricultural community. 

I look forward to working with the hard-working men and women farmers, Department of Agriculture employees, and with our partner organizations to create a strong and diverse marketplace for our producers.  Thank you for what you do and I look forward to working with all of you.