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Spring Garden Tips

Spring is the best time to make room in your garden by dividing your perennials and ornamental grasses. Dig around the plant and lift the clump pout of the ground. Break the clump into sections and keep the clumps moist until you are ready to plant. Be sure to pass on any extra clumps to your friends and family.

Prune spring flowering shrubs such as Azaleas, Rhododendrums and Andromeda right after they have flowered. If you wait too long, you will be cutting of the flower buds for the next year.

Freshen up your plant beds by raking any leaf debris that piled up on your gardens from the past winter and add a new layer of mulch to help keep Spring weeds out of your garden.

Once new growth is showing, be sure to fertilize your flowering plants to encourage more growth and more vigorous blooms.

Don’t cut the leaves off spent spring flowering bulbs. Dying and yellowing foliage may look unsightly, but leave it in place to help the bulbs ripen for next year’s show.

Inspect trees and shrubs for broken limbs and prune damaged branches back to look unaffected. Cut branches back to a branch or bud that’s facing outward.