CT Grown Producer Listings

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Development Unit offers a variety of online listings.  Connecticut producers interested in participating in these listings must complete and return an application for each applicable listing.  Please submit the application to Mark.Hood@ct.gov (not the contact on the application itself, thank you.)                                                                                         

Agritourism Listing Application  

CSA Website Listing Application  

Dairy Producers Listing Application           

Farm Stands and Stores Listing Application  

Farmers’ Market Brochure        

Farm Winery Listing Application  

Honey Producers Listing Application  

Meat and Fiber Listing Application  

Pick-Your-Own Listing Application  

Poultry and Egg Producers Listing Application  

Wholesale Listing Application 2018                         

All brochure/listing applications can be submitted via:


   Brochure Program

   Connecticut Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Development Unit

   450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 703

   Hartford, CT 06103

Fax: 860-730-8322
Email Attachment: Mark.Hood@ct.gov 

For more information, please contact the Agricultural Development Unit:

Phone: 860-713-2503