Bureau of Agricultural Development and Resource Conservation
The Bureau of Agricultural Development & Resource Conservation consists of three subdivisions:  the Agricultural Development unit, the Resource (or Farmland) Preservation Unit, and the Regional Market located in Hartford.  The bureau directs programs and activities that assist persons in entering, diversifying and expanding their agricultural businesses; compiles statistics regarding all aspects of agriculture in the state; administers the Farmland Preservation Program and the Farmers' Market Nutrition program; and oversees operation and maintenance of the Regional Market warehouse/distribution facilities and its farmers' market.
Bureau Director, 860-713-2533
Crystal Morris-Crenshaw, Administrative Assistant, 860-713-2533, crystal.morris@ct.gov
Agricultural Development Unit:  860-713-2503 
Rebecca Eddy,  Marketing and Inspection Representative, 860-713-2538, rebecca.eddy@ct.gov
Mark Hood, Marketing and Inspection Representative, 860-713-2530, mark.hood@ct.gov
Jaime Lizee Smith,  Marketing and Inspection Representative, 860-713-2559, jaime.smith@ct.gov
Erin Windham, Marketing and Inspection Representative, 860-713-2543, erin.windham@ct.gov
Farmland Preservation Unit:  860-713-2511
Cam Weimar, Farmland Preservation Supervisor, 860-713-2552, cam.weimar@ct.gov
Denise O’Meara, Property Agent, 860-713-2517, denise.o’meara@ct.gov
Lance Shannon, Property Agent, 860-713-2531, lance.shannon@ct.gov
Scott Beck, Property Agent, 860-713-2589, scott.beck@ct.gov
Hartford Regional Market:  860-527-5047
Ivette Delgado,  Secretary, 860-527-5047, ivette.delgado@ct.gov
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Hartford Regional Market, the largest perishable food distribution facility between New York City and Boston, which also offers a large farmers' market.