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Connecticut State Police Patch STATE OF CONNECTICUT
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
October 7, 2008



   Today 10/07/08 during the early morning hours the Connecticut State Police working with the Berlin Police Department initiated an operation to execute violent offender arrest warrants for individuals wanted by the Berlin Police Department. This operation named “Operation Turnpike” included a multi jurisdictional sweep in an effort to take into custody wanted persons.

   The State Police and Berlin Police Departments prepared the operation that was designed to locate and take into custody violent offenders who were wanted on arrest warrants.  The violent offenders targeted were wanted for charges that affected the quality of life in the Town of Berlin.  Berlin Police Chief Paul Fitzgerald and State Police Colonel Thomas Davoren assigned personnel to formulate the law enforcement teams to conduct this warrant sweep in Berlin and surrounding communities.

   Also assisting in this operation were members of the State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force, New Britain Police, Meriden Police, and Waterbury Police. Other agencies assisting were Judicial Marshals, Adult Probation, and the Department of Corrections.   

   Berlin Police Chief Paul Fitzgerald said “I applaud all of the law enforcement agencies who came together to work with the Berlin Police Department in an effort  to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Berlin and to extend the blanket of public safety for our citizens”.

   Colonel Thomas Davoren the Commanding Officer of the Connecticut State Police said “Working with the Berlin Police Department and the other agencies on this warrant sweep is certainly a great example of the effort by the State Police to work hand in hand with municipal police departments to remove wanted people from the streets who have a negative impact in our cities and towns."  

   The law enforcement teams today fanned out and executed a total of 24 warrants. The following people were taken into custody: 

1.         Kenefick, Todd  DOB: 04/02/1968                            

             224 West Main Street, Plainville, CT

            Burglary 3rd, Attempted Burlary 3rd

2.         McGee, Mathew  DOB: 11/13/1987               

             unknown address

            53a-182 Disorderly Conduct

3.         Ross, James  DOB: 03/04/1959                    

             120 Linsley Avenue, Meriden, CT

            53a-32 Violation of Probation


4.         Vargas, Victor   DOB: 09/18/1978                

             24 Carmondy Street, New Britian, CT

            53a-173 FTA 2nd                   

5.         Vasquez, Sergio  DOB:02/25/86                   

             664 South Main Street, New Britian, CT               

            53a-172 FTA 1st

6.         Newman, Chase  DOB: 11/03/1987                

             515 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven, CT

           53a-173 FTA 2nd  


7.         King, Michael  DOB: 05/25/1965

             228 Grove Street, CT

            3 warrants 53a-32 Violation  of Probation,  $65,000 total in bonds


8.         Dionizio, Michael DOB: 09/22/1962                

             553 North Colony Road, Meriden, CT

            53a-172 FTA 1st, $50,000 bond

9.         Pierini, Derek  DOB: 06/24/1983          

             IN CUSTODY – DOC,  Osborn CCI

           53a-103 Burglary 3rd, 53a-123 Larceny 2nd, 53a-48/53a-123

10.       Arnett, Ralston  DOB: 10/19/1955

            95 Pleasant Street, New Britian, CT

           53a-32 Violation of Probation     No court set

11.       Dominy, David  DOB: 04/13/1962            

           IN CUSTODY – DOC New Haven CC

           53a-103 Burglary 3rd

12.       O’Brian, Courtney     09/27/1980                 

            162 Foster Street, Meriden, CT

           53a-173,  FTA 2nd, $200 bond

13.     Pennito, Jay  DOB: 10/30/1966                    

           14-221 (b) Engaging in Pursuit, 14-222 Reckless, 14-219 Speeding,

           53a-167 Interferring, 53a-180C Falsely Reporting

           53a-155 Tampering w/evidence, 53a-48Conspiracy/Interfering,

           53a-48 Conspiracy/False Statement, 53a-48 Conspiracy/Tampering

          No court set

14.     Savulius, Allen   DOB: 09/27/1980                 

          162 Foster Street, Meriden, CT

         53a-172, FTA 2nd, $2,500 bond

15.     Rhodes, Tyeisha  DOB: 05/21/1981

          13 Cherry Avenue, Waterbury, CT

         53a-125 Larceny 4th, 53a-139 Forgery 2nd

         unknown bond


16.     Rhodes, Christopher  DOB: 04/14/1977

          13 Cherry Avenue, Waterbury, CT

         IN CUSTODY-DOC,  

         53a-125 Larceny 4thForgery 2nd

17.     Lespier, Amanda  DOB:12/15/1986                       

           Turned Self in 10/03/2008

18.     Council, Charles  DOB: 07/20/1963

           99 Hawley Street, Waterbury, CT

          2 warrants, 53a-172, FTA 2nd

          $15,000 bond


19.     Skowronski, Piotr  DOB: 02/28/1980  

           IN CUSTODY-DOC, Hartford CC

          53a-122 Larceny 1st, 53a-109 Criminal Trespass 3rd,

          53a-48/53a-109 Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Trespass


20.     Higgins, Jeffrey  DOB: 08/25/1972

          9 Buddy Lane, Portland, CT

         54-170 Fugitive from Justice, unknown bond


21.    Tolento, Christopher  12/07/1979               

          54 Spice Hill Drive, Meriden, CT                

         53a-172 FTA 2nd     


23.     Mezit, Nellis   DOB: 02/09/1990

          141 Rhodes Street, New Britian, CT

         53a-122 Larceny 1st, 53a-128b Criminal Trover            


24.     Carruba, Joseph  DOB: 03/27/1981

           389 Main Street, Newington, CT

          53a-32 Violation of Probation            


25.     Henry, Charles   DOB: 5/03/1985

          339 High Street #1, New Britian, CT  

         53a-124 Larceny 3rd


26.     Revior, David   DOB: 10/21/1979   

          113 Crystal Road #16, Groton, CT  

         53a-181 Breach of Peace,

         53a-117 Criminal Mischief 3rd,

         53a-49/53a-136 Criminal Attempt Robbery 3rd

27.      Ruffasto Bautista, Daniel   DOB: 6/23/1968

           101 Mayflower Street, West Hartford, CT

          38a-371 Failure to Insure MaintainMandatory Insurance

28.     Giarnella, Justin  DOB: 2/26/1985  

            259 Main Street, East Berlin, CT

          21a-246(a) Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana,

          21a-279(c) Possesion of Marijuana,

          21a-277(b) Possession w/ Intent to Sell

29.     Boyle, Richard  DOB: 12/25/1965

          756 East Street #3, New Britian, CT  

         53a-32 Violation of Probation, $25,000 bond


30.     Dimanno, Clayton   DOB: 9/08/1985

          4 Stonebridge Way, Berlin, CT

         53a-139 Forgery 2nd, 53a-125b Larceny 6th,

         53a-48/53a-125b Conspiracy@Larceny 6th